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Many Naturals have voiced their opinions about the drying, and sometimes harmful effects, of using Normal Shampoos on their Coily, Kinky, and/or Curly hair.  As a result, many Naturals have turned to Shampoo Bars made from Natural Oils and Butters to help cleanse their locks without the stripping and/or drying affect. I decided, after reading various Bloggers praise the results they received from using a Shampoo Bar, to venture to  Whole Foods and try to find a Shampoo Bar.  Although there were numerous Natural Hair Products (Shampoos, Conditioner, Treatments), there was only one Shampoo Bar - J.R. Liggett’s Shampoo Bar - Herbal Formula. So, I grabbed one in hope that it would become a staple in my hair care regime. Results: Before using, I cut my Shampoo Bar into pieces and placed the extra pieces in a reusable bag. After rinsing my hair with luke warm water, I gently rubbed a piece of the Shampoo bar throughout my hair  and then gently massaged my scalp in a circular motions. I did notice, that unlike normal Shampoos, my hair did not feel extremely dry while I was washing or after rinsing the suds out with slightly colder water.  I will add this Shampoo Bar to my Hair Regime and will give you all a complete Review after I have used this product for a month (it takes me a few weeks to really know if a product is a good match for my hair). Disclaimer: Everyone’s hair is unique and special. What may work on my Naturally, Coily, 4A/4b Hair  may not work on your Mane. So, please make decisions concerning products based on your hair type, not my personal advice since I’m not a Hair Doctor only a Natural Hair Lover.
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