HELLO ELLO ELLO! Working out + School + Work = No play time for hair. So what did i do to fix the problem? I put my hair in mini twists! Because of my busy schedule, it took my 3 days today where usually it would only take me 12 hours to do it. Some say thats long but i beg to differ. I cannot tell a lie do , i did them slightly bigger than i usually do but say lah ve'. I had to make it work. I started off with an old blow dry from when i did a bantu knot out on my hair  so it was already kind of stretched. The last time i twsited my hair with mini twists used my Naturalista Cosmetics Juicy Leave- In... but im out :( WWWHHHHHHYYYYYY!!!! So i just used my Shea Moisture Curl Smoothie. Since my hair has been in this protective style, all i really do is moisturize and seal. Yes i do wash my hair when its in these but not as often because
  1. If i wash to often it will get old too fast and im trying to make this last for at least 2 months
  2. Washing too often in these twists will cause my hair to lock up and i am not trying to have dreads
  3. I just really don't need to
These will lasts because i will make them last. P.S I am suffering from massive hairoxia (hair anorexia) and its really starting to get to me. No matter how long my hair gets, i just don't feel like its long enough and looking at all the women that inspire me, i STILL feel bald headed.. i told my mom and she just <_< ... straight side-eyed me
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