Recently in my Fashion Entrepreneurship class, we had the opportunity to meet some representatives from BCBG Max Azria. During their visit, they spoke to us about job opportunities within the company, the company objective, etc. They also introduced us to their Top 10 Spring Trends that inspired their latest collections. They showed us a video discussing the trend and gave us a sheet that listed each one. I loved every trend, so I decided to share them! I’ll list their trend and the BCBG look that goes with it, as well as a look that I put together (bottom pics) to assist you with bringing that trend into your wardrobe whether you are a BCBG consumer or not! The Top 10 Spring Trends: BCBG Color 1. “Bright Ideas” -          Wearing head-to-toe color Unlike colorblocking, this trend is about picking a color and rocking it head-to-toe! This look from BCBG is the perfect example. This look is in a shade called "Dill" or a yellow-green color. Its a soft shade so its not overwhelming and its also a great shade for the warm Spring/Summer climate!   2. “Candy Couleur” -          Soft, romantic, feminine shades I mentioned in my previous post, How To Dress: Warm Weather, that sorbet shades are huge during this time of year. Soft shades like peach, tangelo orange (as seen in the photo below) and sunflower yellow are some of these great shades that add a romantic, airy feel to your look while keeping you cool.   3. “Rock the Block” -          Colorblocking; Modern way to wear color Colorblocking can be very hard! Some people even bring in a color wheel and tell you to use 3 complementary colors or using the rule of two-thirds (which involves making a equilateral triangle out of your color wheel) to pick colors that would work well together. Thats just entirely too much, if you ask me! The best and easiest way to achieve this look is by purchasing items that are already colorblocked for you (as seen in the photo below). This route is the best until you find the colorblocking strategy that works best for you. Im still working on it myself! Just remember, when colorblocking always go for neutral accessories to finish your look!   4. “Seeing Scarlet” -          Wear all hues of red "Red isnt just for Christmas and Valentine's Day!" - (BCBG representative) Enough said!       Prints 5. “Geometric 101” -          Bold, geometric prints Fun prints to incorporate into your wardrobe if you want something other than stripes or polka dots.   6. “A New Slant on Stripes” -          Updated stripe design BCBG is featuring stripes in a new way: slanted! Instead of horizontal stripes (which depending on who you ask, can make you lose your slim and trim look) or vertical stripes, BCBG is now offering slanted stripes. The look is very similar to chevron prints (in my opinion), but its definitely a fun take on a classic print.     7. “Fleur Couture” -          Florals Instead obvious floral prints, BCBG is featuring floral prints that almost look like watercolor paintings. Different look but same great springtime feel!     8. “Animal Allure” -          Animal prints; bold fashion statement Leopard, snake, cheetah...doesnt matter! Animal prints are all the rave right now. I cannot get enough of animal prints! I love the edge and extra sass that a good animal print piece can add to a look. Just remember, dont overdo it with the animal prints. Animal print items can dance on that fine line between sexy and tacky very easily! You dont want to go overboard and look like a Jersey Shore reject.   Fabrications 9. “Let It Shine” -          Sequins…during the day! Who said you can only wear sequins at night or to formal events? Whoever said it was wrong! Pairing a sequins tank or top with a pair of jeans or shorts can easily transition a look that's historically a night time look into something fun and fabulous during the day!     10. “Toast of the Town” -          Shiny and eye-catching evening and cocktail wear I love any chance to dress up! I have a friend that has thrown several cocktail/evening wear required functions in the last couple years and I love her for it (Hey Jaime!)! Im excited that BCBG is rolling out some new, super glam pieces that would perfect for galas, cocktail parties, weddings, proms, etc. They are using lace, sequins, bright/bold colors, and deep necklines to bring a lot of sexiness and glamour to your formal event wardrobe. So for right now, put away your handy dandy little black dress and add some color and sparkle to your cocktail/evening wear!          (isn't that Dill sequin applique gown on the end EVERYTHING?) To purchase any of the BCBG looks visit their website by clicking here! If you want the details on any of the looks I put together, email me at!
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