Hi i’m Gabrielle aka Strawberricurls!

I live in New Orleans and have been blogging and sharing my natural hair journey on Youtube since 2009, before there were many natural hair resources available. Although i’ve never considered blogging about natural hair as a career, my blog, StrawberriCurls, has taken off and has garnered me a spot has a serious resource to learn about natural hair.  Since then, she’s worked with various natural hair brands African Pride, Sofn’Free, Nothin’ But Hair Care, Beautiful Textures and a host of others. I also host and sit on panels for natural hair shows.

Natural hair wasn’t my initial focus. After searching for style and hair care advice, I soon found very few natural hair resources online. The information I did find was vague and unhelpful. So I  began searching natural hair forums and learned a ton of information from them! There, I recognized the need for the valuable hair knowledge that was being shared among naturals and I was learning how to apply myself. It was during this time that I made my own transition to wear my hair natural. I was the first to embark on the natural hair journey of all my close family and friends and I quickly became known as the resident natural hair expert. After awhile I figured why not start my own blog?

My blog doesn't just stop at natural hair. I also do lifestyles posts, fitness, tips on blogging, and beauty!

You can connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter if you have any questions or leave them in the comments section! I love feedback!

Contact email: Lizzia@strawberricurls.com

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