Haven't done a blog post tutorial in a long time! Unfortunately my computer broke that I used to edit my Youtube videos on. I am not sure when I will get another one but the show must go on! I have been doing styles on Instagram and I wasn't sure how I would go about doing tutorials for them without a good computer. Well luck for you and me, pictorials came to mind! My latest natural hair tutorial is becoming a staple in my arsenal. It's quick It's fast It's easy All 3 of these things i have come to expect out of any natural hair tutorial that I partake in lol. Even though that's not always the case.

Products I used

Naturalista Cosmetics Juicy Leave - In (Order before Thanksgiving to get $2 off your total order using coupons code "SCURLS2013" at checkout. That's exclusive to my readers!) I twisted my hair like I usually do while it was wet and I applied my Juicy Leave - In and gel. I applied the Juicy FIRST because I was sealing my hair so don't miss that step. If you don't know how to twist your hair or you just really suck at it, check out this tutorial I have on it
After I was done, which took me all of 15 mins, I wrapped my twist. I call this a wrapped twistout because I "wrapped" my hair to stretch it out some. It's really the same thing we used to do when we were relaxed, that's assuming you ever wrapped your hair, but with bobby pins. Your basically just pulling the twists and bobby pinning them down and this is the result of it My hair turned out with much more bouncy because the warp causes your roots to lay flatter. I left these twist wrapped for the day because I really wasn't going anywhere so i didn't see the point in taking them out. After i took it down, i didn't seperate it to much, because as I know, the weather is gonna make it bigger for me. If your not familiar with the Naturalista Cosmetics Juicy- Leave -In, checkout my review of it (Coupon Code "SCurls2013)

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Later loves!

By StrawBerriCurls


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