Kinky Moves: Curl Defining Cream A smell good product! Unlike heavy gels, this light cream does help hold your natural curls. I washed & conditioned my hair then after combing out my hair, I added this grape seed concoction. The instructions recommend you douse your hair then blow dry. I can only say I followed one of the instructions though, I definitely saturated my locs but; didn’t have the time to blow dry. Nonetheless, the end result was manageable & soft tendrils.  Overall a good product & as of this morning, I found the line at the local CVS Pharmacy. However, I would’ve liked more definition to the curls and more luster so; let’s see next week if completing the final step of blow drying will make the difference. Below pictures are the end result without blow drying.....Sometimes, a few work bathroom pics are just necessary. ;-)          Sporty Afros: G+ Moisturizing Spray I LOVE this stuff! It’s perfect after a work out. The spray has a soft silky texture and when sprayed on, it seems to penetrate the strands of my hair with moisture & brings the hair back to life. Since I use it after my work outs & I need to rush off to work afterward, it’s perfect because; it makes my hair manageable without weighing it down with excess moisture & causing long dry times. This product is definitely a solid answer to those who may be transitioning but, are concerned on how working out & natural hair styling can be made easier. :-)     Jane Carter Solution: Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner This product was not one of my favorites. On one hand it does not weigh your hair down & during the first use my hair was soft but, for those with thicker or longer manes a large amount of the product has to be used in order to cover all of your hair. Plus, my hair only felt moisturized during the initial use but the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th day after using the product; my hair seemed dry. I typically enjoy Jane Carter’s products but, this leave-in didn’t work well for me.   Vita Comb With Olive Oil & Wheat Germ :-) An interesting concept, this product is; & I can definitely say I was intrigued & eager to try it when I read the label. Surprisingly, it works. When starting to comb out my hair, I didn’t see much of a difference but when I continued using the comb & ran into more tangled parts of my hair; I noticed less breakage & hair loss. Although, the comb seems best used when the hair is wet; I would recommend adding the comb to your hair care regimen.   Pooka: Shea-n-Olive Hair Butter Another product I am a fan of! This product has an aromatic fragrance, feels good on the hair, & even helps with dry spots on your scalp. I really like the texture, just like the name says; it has a buttery look & feel that leaves a soft sheen on your hair. Outside of how it smells & feels, I LOVE the fact the product works well on dry, damp, or completely wet hair. The butter is also light so, it doesn’t have a noticeable amount of product build up when used over time & goes well with other products. It’s a great daily addition & a recommended buy. :-)
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