A lot of celebs are revealing their natural hair on their Instagram pages. I guess that's the beauty of Instagram! It's like "celebs are just like us just with more money!". Angela Simmons isn't a stranger to showing off her hair on Instagram and she has done it many times over. Check out her latest pics of her hair. The girl has some BEAUTIFUL hair! I am not one to discriminate either on what someone does with their own hair but I will admit that I would like to see her's in it's textured state. It's very clear that Angie is not one of those chicks who just wears here weave and doesn't take care of her hair. Her hair is gorgeous! Here are some tips on how you can grow your natural hair to its greatest potential like Angie. 1. Get a great deep conditioner. I have a list of deep conditioners that I absolutely love that you can choose from. My Top 3 Deep Conditioners For Natural Hair 2. Pick a protein treatment. If you flat iron your hair like Angela Simmons, then you will need this! It's a great way to keep your curls nice and strong. It won't totally prevent heat damage but it will at least reduce it. Look no further than my post titled "5 Protein Treatments for Natural Hair" 3. Protective styles! Angela Simmons has demonstrated that protective styling can be your best friend because it allows for minimal manipulation but allows you to retain length. So in other words. HANDS OFF! Here are 8 Benefits of Wearing Protective Styles For Natural Hair 5 protective style tutorials to choose from that are quick and easy and you can do at home! I also have an entire pinterest board dedicated to natural hair tutorials that have more protective styles. Check it out here Natural Hair Tutorials 4. Use a growth aid. The latest growth aid that I have added to my arsenal are the HSN (Hair, Skin and Nails) vitamins by It Works!. I know people are always on the fence about these things but don't knock it until you try it. It's not the first growth aid i have used. Keep in mind that you to up your water intake when taking these. Check out the list of it's ingredients here. For $33 bucks, its not too shabby compared to the price of most growth aids. The contact page to purchase is here Here is a quick progress picture. NOTE: THIS IS NOT MY HAIR IN THIS PICTURE. Subscribe to the newsletter to get my blog posts straight to your email! I also send coupons from CurlKit, Sally’s, Folica, and more: http://tinyurl.com/orwpbna Until next time loves! MUAH!
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