Hello Scers! The winter is right around the corner. Knee high boots, scraves, beautiful sweaters, leather jackets, wonderful coats CAN YOU TELL IM EXCITED!? As wonderful as winter is , it can be hell on your hair unless you protect it. Here are some do’s and don’t’s for your hair this wonderful winter season.
  • DO deep condition as often as you can. If you don’t already do it, add steam or sit under the hair dryer with a plastic cap to keep your hair moisturize this winter.
  • DO protective style. Braids, weaves, sew-ins, updos, ect... will be your best friends in the winter months because it protects your ends!
  • DON’T use coconut oil as a sealer. If you are going to use it, use it in your deep conditioners. Why you may ask? Because the last time i used coconut oil to seal my hair, it froze when i stepped outside. If you remember, coconut oil solidifies in colder air. That rule does not change once you put it in your hair.
  • DON’T use humectants. Put the glycerin up this winter. The other extreme of humectants is if the air is dry and you put it in your hair, it will take the moisture out of your hair instead of out the air.
  • DO baggy and protect your ends as much as you can.
  • DON’T go over board with the heat this winter. I know some curlies plan to wear their hair straight this winter ( i am one of them) but please do not rape your hair with heat.
  • DO make sure you keep your hair moisturized and please pay close attention to your ends!
What are my winter hair plans? I plan to be straight the majority of this winter. I will probably try to limit straightening my hair to every 2 -3 weeks. I will deep condition every time i straighten but because i will be stretching out my straightening sessions, i will wash my hair less often but i will make sure i keep my ends moisturized. I am so looking forward to this winter!
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