Yes yes people, we all have the same problem at some point in our hair journey whether its the beginning or the middle. We all experience what i like to call Hay Hair. But don’t worry there is a solution.

THROW AWAY THE GOTDAMN SHAMPOO!! LEAVE IT ALONE! BACK AWAY FROM IT! IT IS DRYING YOUR HAIR OUT!! No but seriously, if you are shampooing once a week or every day or 2x a week, you are killing your hair right now. Why you may ask?

Shampoos contain something called sulfates which strip the hair of its natural oils therefore drying your hair out. Do not let this happen. Co-wash instead which means use conditioner to wash your hair instead of shampoo because it puts moisture in my hair. This was one of the best decisions i had ever made at the beginning of my hair journey.

It is very imporant to deep condition your hair. I cannot express this enough! IT IS DETRIMENTAL TO THE HEALTH OF YOUR HAIR. I went crazy one time and decided that i wasn’t going to deep condition my hair and YEAH there was a HUGE difference in how my hair felt. Deep conditioning the hair gives it tons of moisture where as conditioning for 5 seconds only gives you enough for moisture at that point in time. From my understanding, the molecules in deep conditioners are smaller compared to the ones in regular conditioners so they penetrate the hair shaft better giving that softness and shine that you crave.

Keep your hair moisturized. In the winter, it is always good to invest in a very heavy moisturizer like Qhemet’s Alma and Olive Heavy Cream. Keeping it moisturized will help you retain and keep your moisture as well as protect it from the harsh winter air!

Seal seal seal seal seal SEAL! Seal your hair with an oil to keep the moisture in after you moisturize your hair.

Put the heat down until you learn how to use it. For now, just let your hair suck in all the moisture it can get.

VERY IMPORTANT! Do not wash your hair with warm water or hot water, instead wash it with cold water. This closes the hair cuticle and allows your hair to retain moisture. So next time you wash, dont think “the hotter the water, the cleaner the hair” because that is not true at all!

Alright girlies that just about covers everything!

If you want go more indebt on each bullet that i pointed out, stop by The Natural Haven. She deals with hair from a scientific stand point and i am a faithful reader. Have a great hair day!

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