Any suggestions for thinning hair? Due to some recent health issues and massive stress on my body, I’ve been seeing my hair get a little thin all over, but mostly in front. It’s coming out all over, not in large patches, thankfully. I’m looking for suggestions on how to both disguise the thinning and encourage regrowth. Strawberricurls Answer: JBCO! (Jamaican Black Castor Oil) I have seen multiple people use this to grow thinning hair. You just apply the JBCO in the thinning area 3x ( or more) a week. Take before and after pictures so you can reassure yourself that its working. I have a question, my hair shedding like crazy..i tried using aphogee products but nothing seen to work. Strawberricurls Answer: If your hair is shedding and you can’t figure out why, a quick fix to it is to do a molasses and green tea treatment. About 2 or 3 tablespoons of molasses (depending on how long your hair is) and 2 cups of green tea. Let it sit for about 20 mins and then rinse it out. Up your protein treatments as well. Try my egg in conditioner recipe. 1 egg and a good amount of conditioner About to blow dry my hair - such a daunting task. any quick tips/ pointers? Strawberricurls Answer: 1st off i am so sorry this is so late because i JUST saw it. 2nd, when you blow dry, do it in sections, take your hair in your hand and tug on it and hold the blow dryer there, this will get the roots really straight. If you have a comb attachment, use this on the length of the hair. If not, use a vent brush for the rest of it. I am trying to determine my hair texture… and I was wondering am I a 3c…any suggestions and on what products I should use Strawberricurls Answer: To be honest, hair type doesn’t have anything to do with the type of products you should use but from your profile pic, you look like a 3c/4a. I can only tell you what products work for me and you can choose to try those if you like. I use VO5 for cowashing, Yes to carrots! for deep conditioning, olive oil and coconut oil are my staple oils, and i make my own protein treatment. You can try these if you like :) How can I combat dry hair and having grey hair whats the best treatment for it? Strawberricurls Answer: Cowash 3x a week ,deep condition, and use a leave-in conditioner. Throw out the shampoo until for about a month and a half and even then on ly shampoo once a month. As far as color you can try henna to combat that because it naturally deposits color on your hair. If your looking for black then use Indigo Have any questions that you want to ask? Ask in the comment section of this post and i will answer!

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