Dear StrawberriCurls,
I would also like to know what products you use in your hair

I am a reformed product junkie.
I used to suffer from it BAD. Now I have my staple products and i only stray from them from time to time to try new things. I took me awhile to figure out what my hair liked and what it didn’t.

Anyway, I dare not lead you to believe that what works in my hair, will work for yours because that’s not true at all. You have to find what works for YOU and all i can do is suggest these products.

Shampoo (which i only use once a month):
Suave Clarifying Shampoo

Co-Wash conditioner:
V05 Moisture Milks

Leave-in Conditioner:

Dove Intensive Repair

Pink Oil Moisturizer

Olive Oil
Coconut Oil

Deep Conditioners:
Yes To Carrots
Shea Butter Mix
Silk Elements Megasilk Moisturizing

I use these products in a regimen. If you don’t have a weekly regimen, these products will seem as though they don’t work so you HAVE to have a regimen in order to see a change in your hair.  Dont just write something off because you used it once and you didnt get the results you were looking for.

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