I LOVE getting client reviews on my work. I gives me the motivation to keep going. To be quite honest it's rough in these salon streets lol. My clients have such nice things to say I wanted to be able to share them and let you guys know what they are saying! Here are a few! 1. I love coming to see Gabrielle!! Very professional and knowledgeable about natural hair. She is kind and understanding and makes every attempt to please her clients. I love the fact that she creates a personal relationship with you and texts you to let you know about all upcoming specials and new services that she is providing. - Lakeisha F. 2. I can't even believe how well the smoothing treatment worked on my 4c natural hair. Coupled with the scalp detox, my hair feels amazing. After it was done my hair was silky and moved like a relaxer but when I washed my curls came right back! Only they are softer and my hair is unbelievably more manageable! I flat ironed it with med heat and it straighten out again! Thanks Gabby for helping me manage my hair!!!! - Charlene 3.Best Natural hair stylist in New Orleans!! She's knowledgeable and friendly. I found her on StyleSeat a few months ago, now she can't get rid of me. Every suggestion she has made about taking care of my hair and scalp, has made my hair so healthy. She also has her blog and Natural Hair Facebook groups where she continues to share her knowledge. - Shaney 4.I've never been big on beauty shops because they are so time consuming. This was not the case when I went to see Gabrielle. She was quick, efficient, and had my hair slayed to the GAWDS! I walked out of there with a fly wash n go created using the shingling method. This was by far the best experience I've ever had in a beauty shop - Jada 5. Gabrielle is the best stylist/beautician/hair health consultant that I've ever had the pleasure of receiving services from. She's upfront and honest about your hair needs and will whip your hair into shape in no time. The smoothing treatment and hair pampering have become my absolute favorite services. I enjoy working out and walking out of the gym with straight hair but I also love the fact that I can fro it out when I'm ready. Those workouts also create a lot of buildup on my scalp which comes right off during the exfoliation process. Bottom line... if you want great service and healthy hair PLEASE give Gabrielle a call!!! - Joyce 6. "I love Gabrielle!!!!! I'm coming up on the 1 year anniversary of my big chop and I'm still learning about my hair. She listened to all my questions and answered them. That's huge for me. It's important for me to have a good conversation with someone doing my hair. I felt like I was talking to my sister. (I was my Natural Sister ? I will definitely be visiting again. Thanks Gabrielle " - Doris M 7. I just love how knowledgeable she is and how personable she is. She makes my hair look great. This is my second time booking and there will be many more. - Endya 8. I'm not one to trust people with my hair. I moved to the city 2 years ago and for a year I would drive to my hometown 4 and half hours away to get my hair done. Then I saw Gabby on her StrawberriCurls site and low and behold she was offering a hair pampering package for free to New clients. So I decided to try it last October. Every since then I have been hooked. She keeps my hair maintained and growing healthy. It's amazing to have a hairdresser that can maintain my natural hair for me! I love Gabrielle, she is one the the best and I love the fact that she uses her own products also before using them on us!!! - Shemeka 9.I went to Gabrielle for the hair Pampering service and a rod set. When I tell you my scalp felt so good. She really took her time and explained to me the things I can do to better take care of my hair. Gabrielle made me feel like I've been going to her for years. The best part was sitting under the hair steamer. It was not only relaxing it also gave my hair and scalp this wonderful feeling. The location was easy to find, and the salon was beautiful. The other staff members at Tributes was also courteous and kind. I would definitely be back to get my hair styled by Gabrielle!!! Thanks again Girl - Myra 10. "My appointment was Awesome! First impressions of walking into the Salon itself was clean, Your spoken to by a few people so you're not ignored and the decor was very nice. I was greeted with a smile and a wave from Gabrielle like she already knew me and that made me feel comfortable right away so all of the nervous feelings I had about coming to a New Stylist was taking away. The service I received today was the Hair Pampering(Scalp detox,Deep conditioning,Steam treatment and a trim) Which I've never had before so Let me tell you I absolutely loved this because my hair feels so soft and even air light. I will definitely tell many people about my visit and send them to Gabrielle because I've already started planning my next visit for next month! " - Sheena I appreciate all of the love! You all really pull on a girl's heart strings If you would like to book with me, you can check out my booking information here.
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