If you would have told me 5 years ago that I'd have a mindset to actually run a business and not be a hustler,I would have told you "I already have that". Oh to be so young and dumb... Don't get me wrong, I've always been taught to have my own but I could never quite figure out what that looked like or how to properly achieve it. I thought it was just making something and sell it. I started my blog Strawberricurls.com about 7 years ago and for the first 5 years I made pennies. No literally, pennies. I never even thought it was possible to generate real income from it. It wasn't until 3 years ago that I decided that I was spending so much time on it that I needed to be making money from it. I'd heard of business coaches but never really knew what they were and actually kind of thought they were a waste of time. That was, until, I talked to Myleik Teele, CEO of Curlbox. The funny part is she probably doesn't even remember our phone conversation. It was before she launched Curlbox and she was still doing PR. Honestly I doubt she even knows the impact that one phone conversation had on my life. We were just... talking. She told me how she had business mentors and how she was trying to get things off the ground and it caught my attention. So what did I do? I went looking for business mentors and all the advice that I could find about it. That one conversation put me in the mindset to start making money from my blog and even learning how to monetize it. That one conversation put me in the mindset that led me to find women who were doing it right and were teaching others how to do it. That one conversation put me in the mindsetto catapult my brain into thinking more like a business woman and less like a hustler. I keep pointing out mindset because that's the keyword here for me. I come from a city that's all about play play play. No one comes to New Orleans to join a budding start-up or learn how to practice law or run a business. People come to New Orleans to party, drink and play so it's really no surprise that there is a serious shortage of people that I personally know that are into serious business practices. Another struggle for me included not growing up exactly in the hood, but I was around the corner from it and 1 generation removed from it. Most of my family and friends were from it so while I didn't grow up exactly in it, I was exposed enough to it to pick up some of the habits. If you've ever been in this environment then you know the mindset that comes with it. Hustle and hustle hard. Quick money, quick dollars, quick everything.  That's not business. It took me a long time to realize and understand that. I couldn't afford a business coach and I couldn't afford to move so even though I couldn't physically put my body in a new place, I could put my mind in a new environment. Change your thoughts, change your life Enter my tribe, my obsession with podcasts, mentors from a distance and my online course addiction. Myleik planted a thought in my head and she didn't even know that she had done it and I ran with it.

1. #MyTaughtMe - Myleik Teele, CEO of Curlbox 

#MyTaughtMe the importance of a business coach, a tribe, being genuine, supporting your tribe and a mentor. In her podcast #MyTaughtYou she dishes on important business principles, answers questions and essentially tells you to stop making excuses for yourself. Why she's different: I literally watched this woman go from startup to completely sold out. I have followed her journey and am in completely awe as to how fast and how quick she managed to start from the bottom and work her way up. She was in her 30's when she really and i mean really started to bloom! If you want real business advice from someone who started small, subscribe to her podcast. Like, now. Notable Podcast: Things in Business Most People Will Never Tell You Podcast: #MyTaughtYou | Twitter: @Myleik

2. Courtney Sanders - Founder of Think & Grow Chick

This woman literally wrecks my life because she forced me to address something I avoided for a very long time. I found her through a Facebook ad that was titled "The 3 Day Self-Discipline Challenge". I am one who still, till this day struggles with discipline but when I found her surprisingly, I was already at a point in my life where I KNEW I needed to become more disciplined, I just didn't know how. I hated the fact that it came across my timeline because now I had no excuse LOL. I figured 3 days wouldn't be that bad so I took the challenge and I had no idea how bad it was until I had someone holding me accountable for little things. It really was helpful. Now I just have to make it to the 21 day challenge. #PrayForMe Why she's different: Who really thinks to have a self-discipline challenge? It's something most people, especially entrepreneurs, struggle with but never say they do. It's one of those things that should "come natural to us". She calls us out on it and addresses the elephant in the room. She explains how discipline actually works by stating it's just like a muscle and shows you how to actually build it. Notable Program: 21 Day Self-Discipline Challenge Podcast: ThinkandGrowChick | Twitter: @ThinkNGrowChick

3. Regina Anaejionu - Founder of ByRegina

Regina is my spirit animal. When it comes to blogging, monetizing your blog, and running a business all in one, the girl has the juice. Point .blank. period. I don't exactly remember how I found her but when I did, I was in AWE of her branding, her style, the amount of content she was producing, the courses, the free advice, the lengthy blog post and I can go on and on for days because as I write this I am having a complete fan moment. She has set the bar so high for being an a full-time blogger, it's unreal. She's a unicorn and when I found her I knew I had to soak up all of the knowledge she had. I made her my mentor, whether she knew it or not. Why she's different: Regina doesn't just produce content, she produces content that feels like she made it for you. Her posts, her courses, and all of her other content is so well thought out and put together that's it's almost magical. It's extremely informative and helpful. She provides so much free content for the budding online blogger and entrepreneur that you run to pay for her products and they never disappoint. She also gives practical tips on a shoe string budget. I have paid for her courses and will continue to pay for them because what I have learned from her has transformed how I approach my blog and monetize it. Notable Program: Zero To Blog To Profit Podcast: The Independent | Twitter: @ByReginaTv

4. Pamela J. Booker - CEO of Koils By Nature | Co-Founder of Black Biz Scope

Pamela is a powerhouse all by herself. She is somebody I consider to be a friend and a mentor. She owns a hair care line called Koils By Nature and she is dominating periscope. If you want to learn how to use live video right, follow and watch Pam. She basically sells out anything she talks about and even developed a community based effort on Periscope called Black Biz Scope that happens every Friday on Periscope without fail.Click here to know the detailed guide.
BlackBizScope is a community focused initiative that takes place on Periscope, the video streaming social media app that lets individuals share experiences, resources and information with a global audience, directly from a smartphone or tablet. BlackBizscope was created in July of 2015 by three savvy black women business owners – Pamela J. Booker of Koils by Nature, Adeea Rogers – The Trendy Socialite and Christine K St.Vil of Moms ‘N Charge. Pamela J. Booker is the Founder & CEO of Koils by Nature, a hair product line. Adeea Rogers is a Speaker, Consultant & Founder of the International Natural Hair Meetup Day. Christine K. St.Vil is a Speaker, Author and the Founder & CEO of Moms ‘N Charge™ a coaching outfit for women.
The trio hosts the BlackBizScope weekly broadcast which takes place every Friday from 10-11am EST and 6-8pm EST where black owned businesses (product and service based) have an opportunity to do a 10-15 minute scope about their businesses. The goal is to create a larger platform, boost viewership and followership and most importantly to promote patronage in order to keep more money circulating within the larger black community.
BlackBizScope aims to support black owned businesses by using Periscope to showcase black owned products and services while encouraging the community to intentionally and strategically spend, invest and recycle dollars into and within the black community.
 BlackBizScope proves to be a success with a sustained high viewer engagement evident by the analytics reported after each broadcast. BlackBizScope continues to gain wide media attention and has been featured in The Huffington Post, Madame Noire & Atlanta Black Star.
  Why she's different: Because of Black Biz Scope, Pamela and the co-founders have managed to put other people in business. The community that they have built actually buy from each other every Friday. The also share the scopes on twitter and periscope therefore attracting new customers to each person in the community. They don't just support in word or tweets or liking Facebook posts, they actually purchase each other's products therefore keeping each other in business. It's so dope because it's literally done from your phone via Periscope. While she doesn't have a podcast ,she gives out business tips on Periscope. The supports she provides for her community and tribe is amazing and she manages to do this and run a full time company at the same time. Notable Mentions: Black Biz Scope Periscope: Koils By Nature | Twitter: @PamelaJBooker

5. Kim McCarter - Strategic Brand & Business Success Coach

You want to be held accountable, Kim is your go to woman. She is so helpful when it comes to figuring out what you want for your business, your goals and how you can implement them using things you already have. She pumps out ideas like it's second nature. Whenever I'm stuck on how to start something, I go to Kim. Why she's different: Kim is the person that will be in your ear, rooting for you in the stands and staying on you until you reach your goals. She's like accountability on steroids. She has a private Facebook group and takes the time to give each person individualized attention. Her tips have helped me sell some of my products and it is usually the simplest tweaks that I didn't even cross my mind to do. She will show you how to re-vamp and re-use the content you already have to make money. Notable Programs: Cubicle Divorce Bootcamp Website: KimMcCarter.com | Twitter: @MsKimMcCarter   Follow these women and I guarantee you, you will start to think differently about your business. Who are some other BOSS women that you follow? Tweet me and/or let me know in the comments!
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