Hey Guys! I don't know about yall but 2016 was COMPLETELY exhausting! I'm looking forward to welcoming 2017 with open arms. It wasn't ALL bad (but a lot of it was). I travelled a lot in 2016 and I love to travel as you can see from my instagram page.  Travel takes me out of the monotony of everything and I'm planning a trip in 2017 to Miami for a blogging conference so I'm excited because this will be my first time in Miami. I'm going to MIAMI AYEEEEE! In July, I went to Georgia to see my sister who just gave birth to my niece Aminah (who I am absolutely in love with by the way). I felt super old and washed because I found myself going to the park and the mall and just doing simple things instead of looking for the "fun" spots. I guess that's just part of age. While I was out there I was given the chance to text drive the Mazda CX-5 and I loved that car. When it was time to give that car back I was DISTRAUGHT I loved the sun roof on this car, I live for a Bluetooth system and the overall comfort was excellent. I need to put a Mazda on my wish list because I had no idea they were like that! I'm excited to see what 2017 holds for my travel bug because if I get to drive a car like THAT all the time, I'm welcoming 2017 with open arms See you in 2017 lovebugs and I hope yall stay tuned for more travel posts!
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