Ready to Grow Your Fro? Join me  for the 60 Grow Your Fro Protective Style Challenge kicking of November 1,2016!

If your new to my blog, my name is Gabrielle Allen. I am a hair blogger and vlogger. I am also a licensed healthy hair specialist who helps women all over the world grow out their hair.  You can read more about me here

It has been my joy to do so and I have found these challenges to be the most effective way to do so. Join the many women who have used my challenge to get out of their hair growth rut and propel their progress forward! Check out some of the testimonials

Results after 60 Days on the Grow Your Fro challenge from participants

"My hair was almost at the 4" line. Today, it's almost at the 6" line!! Thank you‪#‎Strawberricurls‬ for sponsoring this ‪#‎growyourfropsc‬! I didn't do it to win anything, I did it to challenge myself! I'm ready for the next one!" - Barbara "I am truly amazed by the growth that I received from the‪#‎GrowYourFroPSC‬!! I cut a whole inch from some parts of my hair and half inch in some reason being this head grows so very weird. Some parts grow super long comparing to the other parts and I hate uneven hair so very bad, but the growth is beautiful tho!!" - Kyler "Haha It's the last day of the challenge, and I must say that I absolutely love the progress in my hair! Here's my before and after. My hair has been trimmed in the after photo, as well." - Sydney "Thank you again Gabrielle for another great challenge! I can't wait for more!! !! I started off a line past 4 and I'm literally almost touching line 6!! For me this is GREAT growth and length retention! I'm hoping everyone enjoyed this challenge as much as I did and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's end results!! ‪#‎strawberricurls‬" - Kina   "Yay the challenge is over and here are my results, I grew over an inch (y)thanks ladies for your support and thank you Gabrielle for hosting this great challenge once again ‪#‎growyourfropsc‬" - Mandy

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What qualifies as a "Protective Style"?

A protective style is a low manipulation hairstyle that hides your ends from wear and tear, the elements, and anything else that can put strain on them and cause breakage. The ends of your hair is how you retain length, not the root so you MUST take care of them in order to see progress in your hair growth journey.

What are the benefits of protective styles for natural hair?

Low maintenance: This will benefit your hair type.  There is no need for much of combing, twisting etc. The hair retains length better when it is left alone especially if you aim to have more length. So low maintenance is one of the main benefits of protective style.

Retain growth: Most protective hairstyles keep the tresses up. This will cause less breakage, damage to the hair, and help it to gain more strength.

Quick and Easy: If you don’t have much time then protective styles are the best options for you. You can just twist and braid there is nothing much that you need to do. This can help to save time.

It also helps to keep the hair soft because you can moisturize and go. It’s also much easier to sleep with a bonnet on when your hair is in a protective natural hairstyle.

The following DO NOT apply as protective styles:

- Wash and goes - Twistouts - Braidouts - Straight hair styles - Bantu knot outs - Coil outs - Spiral sets

The following ARE protective styles - Updos with your ends tucked away | Examples here and here - Braided styles | Examples here and here - Twists | Examples here and here - Twisted styles - Flat twist - Sew-ins - Wigs | Examples here and here - Crotchet braids | Examples here and here - Mini Twists | Example here - Buns | Examples here and here

Can you name some more protective styles in the comment section?

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The Rules

You have to wear your hair in a protective style for 60 days but you can change it every 2 weeks if you like!

During this challenge:

  • No heat is allowed unless your changing your style and need to stretch your hair. Even then you can put it in braids and allow to dry overnight to do what you need to do to it
  • No "loose" hairstyles. Check the above post for the approved protective styles
  • DO sleep with a bonnet, satin scarf or satin pillow case every night
  • DO oil and moisturize your scalp 3x a week.
  • DO make sure you have the daily and weekly checklist downloaded and readily accessible. This will tell you what you need to do. It's available in the emails
  • DO post in the natural hair chat community  and on social media either weekly or daily to keep yourself accountable using the #GrowYourFroPSC hashtag.
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GET MY SPOT For $24.99!

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