So it turns out my BC was actually in MAY and not July! I found an old picture of my hair and it turns out it was dated May 27th, 2009. My fotki list july as the starting date so that means its off and i am now 1 year natural! I can’t really say the time flew by fast, cuz i would be lying  BUT it has been a learning curve.

Ok so here is the very last perm i had. Feb 2009; i hated it and it pulled all my hair out probably because i didn’t put it in right

Omg i hate looking at these pics…

Ok Feb 2009 the next week, i decided to transition. This is a bantu knot out

4 months later i got aggravated and chopped it all off

After i bc’d i got SO SCARED and threw braids in my hair because i didn’t like the way i looked and i didn’t want my boyfriend to see me that way cuz i knew he would hate it. He HATES short hair. So i hid it from him because i have never had short hair a day in my life.

Anyway July 2009 i finally got the courage to wear my hair out. This was around the time i discovered hair boards like, and I just kinda lurked around LHCF cuz i didn’t wanna pay lolI also discovered KCCC around this time too.

November 2009 is when i really started protective styling. I don’t feel like posting all those pics so you can just check my fotki for them


I have learned sooo much and i know my learning experience is so far from over but i think everyone and all the hair boards for helping me because without all this knowledge, I wouldn’t have known what the hell to do.

I am so ready for year 2!

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