I often see women anticipate the most unrealistic things when they transition to natural hair. I always laugh when I hear a conversation around it and give the straightest face to the whole thing. For some reason there are so many myths around our hair that reality has really become lost in it all. Well I'm here to let you know to let go of some of these myths by telling you what won't happen when you transition to natural hair 1. Your hair will grow in a few months. Stop doing length checks and stop obsessing.. leave.it.alone. 2. All of a sudden you don't have to do your hair. "My hair does itself" said no one in the history of ever. Natural or relaxed, you will still have to do your hair. 3. You think because you watched a YouTube video your hair will come out the same. You are setting yourself up for failure. One thing that makes our natural hair so unique is the fact that no 2 heads are the same. I'm not saying not to watch YouTube videos, but I am saying don't put all your stock and faith into that one hairstyle 4. You no longer have to care for your hair as much. On the contrary, if your decide to transition to natural hair, you have to care for your hair more due to the "line of demarcation" . It's one of the most sensitive areas of your hair because that's what separates your natural hair from your relaxed hair. It will break and pop quickly so you must be mindful of it. 5. If you quit and go back to relaxed hair, it says a whole lot about you. This is a complete lie. I constantly say that it's not about how you wear your hair, it's about how you care for your hair. If you transition and decide you would rather be relaxed, then by all means, go back to that.

Any more tips? Talk to me!

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