Coconut Oil

Your scalp enjoys being able to soak in the heaps of goodness that emit from using coconut oil. Most naturals will find that their hair will adore the benefits of coconut oil – with one of its most important attributed being that it’s a massively effective sealant for your hair. The problem is, many people will find that during the winter months those previous qualities of sealing your hair vanish completely in the winter and – if anything – make life harder! Do it Overnight One thing that you might notice is that during the winter, it takes a lot longer for the coconut oil to actually absorb into your hair. Rather than applying it as you are heading out the door, do it before you go to bed and when you are getting ready to go to sleep. Worried about ruining your pillows? Then place down a blanket/towel to help capture any excess coconut oil. This will give the oil time to react naturally and actually work its magic. Apply it Lightly Whilst being liberal with coconut oil in the warmer months is encouraged, in the winter more is definitely less. Because in the winter everything will be more “stiff” you will find that using less will give your hair more balance and avoid it from being too light/stiff. Mix your Oils Adding in something else alongside the coconut oil can be very useful, as well. By adding in some extra oils like an apricot oil, you can help improve the speed that your coconut oil will star working at. This can help you give your hair more benefits whilst also removing the big negative of using coconut oil. Mix with Shea Butter Shea butter can be incredibly useful for giving your hair some extra volume during the winter. After getting washed, apply the mix into your hair and you will notice that it will work much quicker, and more effectively, than it would have previously. Getting your hair to look exactly as you intended is always a bit of a battle, especially when it comes to the winter. To make sure that you get the look that you were hoping for, use all of these tips above and remove all of the negatives that the winter tends to bring up when styling your hair each day.

Greek Yogurt

One thing that really makes a massive difference to how your hair looks, as well as other parts of your body like your nails, is the food that we can take in. they do say that you are what you eat and your hair will reflect that, along with your nails. There is a lot to be said for the positive health benefits that you can receive from having a healthier diet – however, one of the most important foods you can eat today is Greek yogurt. Especially when it comes to improving your quality of life and especially how your hair looks, then using Greek yogurt for natural hair progression can be extremely useful. Here are just some of the main reasons why you should consider adding Greek yogurt to you weekly shop;
  • Greek yogurt is a natural skin moisturizer, and can be used simply by massaging it onto some damp skin. Because it’s loaded with lactic acids, it will help to both hydrate and exfoliate your skin at the same time
  • It’s also loaded with protein, which can make it a very useful product to take in if you suffer from a lack of protein in our diet. Protein promotes healthy and positive nail growth, too, however, so it can be extra useful for that reason alone
  • Use it as a massaging agent for your scalp for a few moments in the morning, and you’ll notice that it starts to really help over a period of time. It stimulates positive and healthy growth in your hair and will improve the nutrition that your hair is getting at that present moment in time, as well!
  • Packed with vitamin D, iron, magnesium and zinc which are all massive players in making sure that your body is developing as it should. For anyone who needs to find a super food that can be eaten as well as used topically, then Greek yogurt for natural hair is just what you need! A deficiency in all of the above issues can cause white spots to appear on the nails as well as cause them to be brittle
As you can see, there are many positive benefits of using Greek yogurt for natural hair growth and nail quality. When your body gets the nutrition that it needs (and Greek yogurt can provide it in abundance) you’ll start to notice far more positive changes to your look.

Aloe Vera

One of the most useful tools out there for quality hair is, without a doubt, using Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera gives you a nice mixture of natural health kicks as well as some very important nutrients that your hair absolutely loves. The problem is that using this product in your hair can be quite tough as there are just so many ways that you can actually do it! Not sure where to start with Aloe Vera? Then check out these simple solutions below for effective ways to give your hair the kind of help that it needs and deserves; Before Shampooing Getting some kind of Aloe Vera gel to use as a pre-shampoo can be extremely effective for giving your hair the kind of class it needs whilst also fighting off dandruff. By killing off the dead skin that creates dandruff in the place, you can find that using Aloe Vera before shampooing can be incredibly effective. Leave it in your hair for about ten minutes prior to shampooing, and then wash it out before getting started. As A Shampoo Another great way to use Aloe Vera in your hair is to use as the actual shampoo itself. Many shampoos will leave you with stuff and dry feeling hair, but so long as it has Aloe Vera in there you shouldn’t have any kind of hair worries as it will improve the moisture that’s kept within your hair. As A Hair Definer Looking to really make your hair stand out with some obvious definition to it? Then Aloe Vera is just what you need. It can be used to help keep your hair in place and make it look –and smell – awesome. It will help to moisturize up curls instantly and make it much easier to use gel and/or styling product to get your hair looking bang on. To Grow Your Hair The most common reason for using Aloe Vera with hair though, is because it will help you gain some length at a quicker pace. Using it in bald spots of your hair can help promote growth thanks to the various enzymes within the gel. This will basically start to kill off the clogs in your follicles that prevent parts of your hair from growing once again. As you can see, Aloe Vera has many uses when it comes to improving the health, quality and style of your hair.
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