Aren't these just some of the cutest kids you will ever see in your life? Camera hogs for sure!

So i def missed my last cousin's bday party and i wasn't about to miss this one because i have been working like a slave in the cotton fields. Look whoever said slavery was over, obviously never had to work for hourly pay. Sheesh Now don't get me wrong, i am fortunate that i do have a job where most people don't but i need to get a raise on what im making so i can make more and work less, just saying. But i digress i had to make time to make at least 1 birthday party this year. I actually made 2 but hey who's counting. It's 6 of these little rugrats and they are all around the same age. Yea they are my cousins but people often mistake them for my nieces and nephews.... i don't care how old they get they will still be my babies damnit!! As you can see, the 3-year-old has a thing for The Little Mermaid ... ~wipes tears from eyes~ im so proud!! Ariel was my favorite Disney character as a kid too! Although i must say i don't ever remember getting a little mermaid cake -___- ... maybe i did i just don't remember.   The birthday girl with this fake cheesy smile. I have no clue where she got that from lol. But nonetheless she seemed to have enjoyed her day and she was acting kind of slightly shy but she's extra cute anyway so. Happy Birthday My Love! Don't grow up too fast

If you pay attention in the video, you can see her older sister DeeDee giving her a kiss on the cheek while we are singing happy birthday


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