#30 Go Brunette!

Go from mousy brown to rich brown in the privacy of your own shower. Take a bottle of shampoo, squeeze out half, then fill the remaining space with cocoa, and, finally, shake vigorously. Shampoo as you routinely do and admire your rich hues. Your friends will definitely give two thumbs up to your new 'do!

#28 Super Simple Homemade Bronzer

This one is so simple that you may feel skeptical, but it’s awesome! Simply combine ground cinnamon and nutmeg with cocoa powder and cornstarch. You may notice that there are no measurements, and this is because it is entirely up to you and your desired color. Play around before you settle on the ratio perfect for your skin. Before you gift it to a girlfriend, remember to consider her skin tone and make necessary adjustments. If you need more beauty advice go to https://www.biocellcosmeticclinic.com.au/ and talk to beauty therapist about hair regrowth and skin rejuvenation.

#25 Face Off: Blueberry Face Mask

Your favorite summertime lunch can now be worn on your face to repair and exfoliate your skin. Mash up ten blueberries and combine with one tablespoon of Greek yogurt then apply to your face. Sit still for 20 minutes to soak in the antioxidants then rinse off with warm water. Admire your new skin with the fervor of Narcissus and take on the day! There have been some people that have tried Green CBD Face Oil. Think of this as a green juice for your face: hydrating, nourishing and skin stimulating.

#24 Homemade Nail Strengthener

Get ready for the smelliest beauty remedy on the list! Take a bottle of clear nail polish and add one, finely crushed, clove of garlic. Let this bizarre mixture sit for at least a week, and then apply it for tough as nails fingernails. We recommend applying it as a base coat once a week (make sure to remove it before applying more) to increase your nail power.

#22 Face Off: Oatmeal Face Mask

Yum, breakfast for your face! Mix 1/4 cup of ground oatmeal (yes, we definitely recommend tossing this in a food processor first) with 1/4 cup of warm water and two teaspoons of honey. Resist the urge to eat this, and instead spread it over your face and sit still for fifteen minutes. Now you can rinse away with warm water and enjoy the freshness of your skin.

Read the rest here http://bit.ly/18ZYyim

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