How long have you been natural and when did you BC? I've  almost always been natural. But I confess when I was younger I tried to hide my hair volume.. So I started being natural, 100% natural, two years ago. What are your staple products and hairstyles? I don't use many products because my hair seems to react poorly to them. This is why I only use olive oil or argan oil when I judge it's necessary. I do a shea butter mask ( DOP ) What is your regimen? After my shampoo, I untangle my hair with a comb. Then I wet it again to redefine my curls then I dry my hair with a hair dryer. That's all ! What are your natural hair goals? My first goal is to take care of my curls. 3 year ago, I lost the 4/5 of my hair because I was sick... I thought I would never get my fierce hair back. Moreover, I always wanted to have long hair since I'm was child. I never had long hair. This is my second goal. Even If I fall in love with nappy atitude. I wish to have longer hair. How do you keep your hair intact overnight? It depends. When my hair was shorter I didn't. Once it got longer, I started sleeping with a large elastic band and on my estomac. I swear lol How do you maintain length? I often cut my hair: 1 or 2 cm is enough. Most of the people know to do this but not a lot do it!! Girls trust me. Cut your hair. Don't use a lot of products. Let your hair live, breathe and help them to regenerate itself.. Name 1 reason you went natural and why you love being natural. Loosing my hair pushed me to be natural. Now I love to be natural because I regained my curls of my childhood. Everyday I have at least 20 compliments from my friends, my prof at school, at work, in the street; EVERYWHERE I go people love my hair. Young & old. Men or women & whatever the race... I understand that my hair is different and I love to be different I don't like when we all look like each other... it's boring lol. Sa Rah Shine's Facebook Page [gallery link="file"]
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