What is your name and your profession? Catherine – I’m a Nonprofit Program Associate for a small nonprofit in Washington, DC Why did you go natural? I’ve never had a relaxer (my Mama hated getting hers relaxed and thought it would make all of my hair fall out) but I flat ironed my hair constantly growing up which made it so dry and limp. And my poor ends were a mess. Not only that, I was tired of how long it took to flat iron my hair when it would only last a few days before starting to frizz and lose its style. How long have you been natural and when did you BC? I fully embraced my beautiful curls in 2009. I didn’t do a big chop, but began to wear it curly and slowly trimmed off the dead ends. What are your staple products and hairstyles? I LOVE coconut oil! I use it every day. Most of the time it’s all I need to maintain 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th day hair (mixed with a little bit of water and lavender oil). My favorite brand to use is La Tourangelle 100% Organic Virgin & Unrefined Coconut Oil. I also can’t live without my Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-In Conditioner, Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, and Kinky Curly Curling Custard. I also make sure to massage tea tree oil onto my scalp when necessary, and rinse my hair with a cap-full of Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar once or twice a month. My go-to hairstyle is a wash and go, but I also love wearing a bantu knot-out. What are your natural hair goals? I love fullness and length so my ultimate hair goal is for my hair to grow to the middle of my back. Other than that, I just strive to keep it healthy and happy as best I can. How do you keep your hair intact overnight? I wear my hair in a pineapple every night and sleep on a satin pillowcase. I would love to wear a scarf or bonnet but those always fall off in the middle of the night! How do you maintain length? My hair has always been fairly long, but I do my best to not manipulate it often. I've especially noticed a difference since I started finger-combing it. Overall, it seems happiest when I let it do whatever it wants. Name 1 reason you went natural and why you love being natural. One of my best friends in college had (and still has) gorgeous curls and encouraged me to put down the flat iron and heat, and I haven’t looked back since. I love how big my curls are and how unruly they can be at times, but mostly I love how much more comfortable I feel with them compared to when I wore my hair straight. I feel more myself and love embracing the way God intended my hair to be. Where else can we find you on the net? I can be found on Instagram @misstouche. I mostly post about healthy food and hair! [gallery type="rectangular" ids="5839,5840,5841,5842,5843" orderby="rand"]
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