What is your name and your profession? My name is Britany B. and I am a full time student at the Aveda Institute for Cosmetology. Why did you go natural? I actually didn't intend to go natural, initially. While in college, a close friend of mine asked me to assist with her "Big Chop" by clipping off her relaxed ends. She only had about 6 months worth of new growth, and at the time I didn't thoroughly understand the journey or reasoning behind "going natural." I, of course, helped with her "Big Chop" but after being introduced to such a helpful community on Youtube by my newly natural friend, I became totally intrigued. So many women on Youtube were on "hair journeys," and were either growing natural or relaxed hair down to their waists! I honestly became obsessed with Youtube and the idea of having thick, beautiful, healthy relaxed hair; like I'd had as a child. So, I embarked on my own journey to waist length relaxed hair. While on my relaxed hair journey, I was stretching my relaxers for 5 months at a time. It was during this time that I began to truly see my texture. I had been so used to getting relaxers every 4 to 6 weeks, that I had never really seen SO MUCH beautiful new growth. I fell in love. I found myself constantly touching and playing with my soft, curly new growth, that when it came time to relax again, I just didn't. I then began to question why women get relaxers in the first place. What are we trying to hide? Why not put all of our energy into growing long, healthy, natural hair instead? I just wanted to totally embrace what God had given me, and look absolutely gorgeous doing it! I consciously made the decision to go natural during the winter of 2010.   [gallery type="rectangular" ids="5337,5336,5335,5334,5333"] How long have you been natural and when did you BC? My last relaxer was August 2010. I transitioned for 13 months and did the "Big Chop," September 2011. I have been fully natural for a little over 2 years now, but have about 3 years worth of natural hair growth. What are your staple products and hairstyles? I make and sell all-natural hair and body butters infused with 100% natural ingredients. I truly believe that utilizing nature in any aspect of human wellness and health is undoubtably ideal. We can achieve gorgeously supple, soft and vibrant hair and skin by using what nature already provides! Because of this fact, I adore all-natural products! My favorite product, of course, is my Jasmine Mimosa Hair & Body Buttercream. It just smells sooo good!!! (And I'm SO not just saying that lol.) My hair absolutely adores thick, heavy butters like Shea, so I couldn't go without it. I honestly love the way my hair feels with just a water/vegetable glycerin mixture as a moisturizer, and shea or mango butter as a sealant. My favorite hairstyles would be twistouts, braidouts and buns. In a nutshell, twistouts usually make me feel flirty/girly, braidouts are for days when I'm feeling wild/fun, and buns are for when I'm just feeling lazy or want to protect my ends. What are your natural hair goals? I honestly just want to maintain super healthy, waistlength unstretched hair. I want the thickness of my hair to be consistent from root to ends; like a nice thick blanket lol. When I go to put my hair in a bun, it will be epic! Additionally, I just want to inspire others to totally embrace and love their natural hair too, because it's gorgeous, and amazingly versatile! How do you keep your hair intact overnight? I moisturize and seal every night and either put a satin bonnet or scarf on. How do you maintain length? I maintain length with low manipulation and protective styles. I also rarely straighten, and I use my fingers to detangle on wash days instead of a comb. Everything for my hair is done with patience, love and care. Name 1 reason you went natural and why you love being natural. I went natural out of curiosity and love for what God has given me. He makes no mistakes. I love being natural because it's 100% me! Where else can we find you on the net? I have a website/blog full of healthy hair care tips and videos! Here, you can also purchase any one of our Hair & Body Butters! www.theblackhairguru.com I'm always on Instagram: @theblackhairguru Twitter: @blackhairguru Facebook: Facebook.com/theblackhairguru I also have a Youtube Channel loaded with Natural Hair talk and tutorials: youtube.com/NaturalDollface
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