What is your name and your profession? DaVida Chanel Smith - Entertainment Juggernaut Producer, Agent, Consultant, Festival Manager, Writer, Actress, Videographer, Film/TV Travel Coordinator Why did you go natural? I wanted something different. I really thought my hair would look the way Halle Berry's weave did in "Catwoman". I felt if I just grew it out long enough with no relaxer, that's what I'd get...I haven't achieved that look yet :) How long have you been natural and when did you BC? I didn't get my first relaxer until I was in 8th or 9th grade, and thereafter only got them on Easter and Christmas. When I got older, one day I decided I wanted to do the BC and just never get one again. It was literally one day when I opted to go from mid back length straight hair to my first TWA. It was a bit dramatic, and that was in 2002. I dabbled back and forth with going natural, getting a perm and wearing weaves for the next few years. I got my last relaxed when I moved home to Louisiana from California in 2008, and my hair felt horrible. I promised to never go that route again. What are your staple products and hairstyles? Since I won a year's supply of Karen's Body Beautiful products, they are my staple. The line is a Godsend. Her leave in sweet ambrosia conditioner is amazing. Her butter love helps me seal the moisture, and I really dig her luscious locks hair mask. My favorite hair tool is the Q Redew hair steamer I won from your site. I'm obsessed with hair that retains moisture, so these all do that so well!   What are your natural hair goals? I'm still trying to get that Halle Berry flow! J/K My new goal is to simply maintain the health of my hair and as I get older.  I'm very focused on just being grateful for the hair I have! We live in a time where the environment is full of cancer causing free radicals. A lot of women I know have lost their hair as a result of medical treatments, so I am committed to overall health so that I can retain my hair as I grow older. How do you keep your hair intact overnight? I usually braid my hair in 4-8 big plaits, pin them up, tie on a scarf and then put on a satin bonnet. I'm hoping to upgrade to a silk bonnet this summer. How do you maintain length? I get my ends cut every 4-6 weeks without straightening my hair. I have no idea how "long" my hair is because it hasn't been straight in a while. Name 1 reason you went natural and why you love being natural. I love love LOVE being unique and standing out. The thing about natural hair is that everyone's hair is unique to them. I can mimic my favorite hairspirations all day long, but because my hair is MY hair, it's never the same. That is exciting and interesting...and beautiful. Where else can we find you on the net? You can find me at the all new davidachanel.com, launching June 1! I'm also a random tweeter (davida_chanel) and InstaGrammer (davidachanel). I'm one of the lead actresses in a web series, "open mike", which you can find at youtube.com/BPExperience. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="6505,6506,6507,6508,6509,6510,6511,6512,6513" orderby="rand"]
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