What is your name and your profession? My is Virginia Andre, better known as Jayah. I make my living in property management & acquisition. Why did you go natural? I began to transition and return to natural in 2010, but this was not a conscious effort; I developed an obsession with sew-in protective styles, and my relaxer began to grow out significantly with continuous sew-in installs. Witnessing my natural hair coming through, I decided to keep wearing these protective styles vs getting a relaxer. How long have you been natural and when did you BC? Officially since 2010; I basically did a big chop on my relaxed hair in 2009, installed protective styles every 2 to 3 months in the attempt to transition.  But, I hated dealing with two different hair textures between installs. One night I went to town with a pair of scissors, cut off all the relaxed portions of my hair, and thus my “Big Chop.” What are your staple products and hairstyles? My favorite products include my homemade Shea butter mix and my oil mixture for styling, moisturizing & sealing. I love Giovanni direct leave-in & tea tree conditioner for moisturizing & co-washing. As for cleansing, I love love the Terressentials Organic Mud Wash! I don’t cleanse with anything else at this point, and I’m completely poo-less. Lastly, I deep condition with olive oil & honey for super soft and shiny hair. My go-to hairstyles are definitely twist-outs and up-do's. What are your natural hair goals? No real specific goal at this time, only to maintain healthy hair as much as possible & to have fun with it! How do you keep your hair intact overnight? I wrap up my hair in a satin scarf every single night, and that's it. I don't really have a night-time routine. How do you maintain length? I maintain my length with low-manipulation hairstyles, and I don't use a comb at all. I also keep my hair moisturized as much as possible. Name 1 reason you went natural and why you love being natural. As I mentioned before, this was an unconscious effort at first. With the decision to return to natural, I've never looked back since and I'm super happy with this choice. I've honestly never been more confident in myself; choosing this journey not only changed the way I wear my hair, but also my life style.  I'm more aware and conscious of what I put into or onto my body. As I mentioned in my introduction, I enjoy learning new things, and this endeavor has definitely taught me a lot, especially in regards to acceptance. Where else can we find you on the net? Instagram: Jayah_aka_thecatlady Facebook: Jayah Andre Email: catladyjah@gmail.com
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