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+ It’s A Black Thing 

Nope, it’s just a girl thing *hairflip*! Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga, The Kardashians and Katy Perry are all rocking extensions for a tress-full look!

+Synthetic, Human, And Virgin Remy Hair Are Equal

(Right: Synthetic, Left: Virgin Remy) Not true! Here’s the real deal on the three types of hair: Synthetic -Stay away! Since it’s made of synthetic fibers, you cannot blow dry, flat iron, or curl it; itwill burn! Synthetic hair should only be used when women have too little hair to complete a full braid underneath their extension, or for when ladies want to get patra braids like Enyinne Owunwanne (which are pretty hot too)! Human Hair- Sold in package form, this hair is human but processed. You cannot dye, relax (straighten) or perm (curl) this hair, and it must be replaced every three weeks. You can find wavy hair extensions in many shops around town. Virgin Remy- Cut directly from the donor’s scalp, this very natural hair type is sent to distributors untouched. Virgin remy can last over a year if cared for properly and its versatility makes it the go-to hair for celebs and fashionistas alike. Go ahead: Ombre, relax, perm and get creative with virgin hair, as it does everything except grow! The only downside is the high-cost, but we’ve found Lacexclusive as a great resource for ladies on a budget!

+ People Willingly Give Over Their Hair

(Photo Via: Perfect Locks) In India, women think they’re sacrificing their hair as an act of religious piety. Their flowing locks don’t end up with the gods, however; they end up at weave distributors across the States!

+It’s Fake, So You Don’t Have To Care For It

(Photo Via: All Women Stalk) WRONG! Not caring for your extensions can cost you money on the backend. When it comes to extensions (especially virgin hair), conditioning (or co-washing) to secure moisture, is a must! Never use shampoo as sulfites can be too harsh, and make sure to wrap up your tresses before you go to bed!

+ Sewing In Extensions Damages Your Natural Hair

(Photo Via: Hello Amanda) Always avoid glue when securing your hair, as the adhesives will cause breakage to your real hair and will not secure your extension tracks. Think to sew in your extensions; you’ll protect your braids from heat damage and keep them from tearing, plus your hair will grow faster! If you can’t master the DIY sew in, a Google search on hair weaving locations near you will help!

By the way, sew-ins are a great way to transition as well as protect your hair!

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