Are you someone who gets wind of the next "magic in a bottle" hair product and run immediately to get it?

Do you have shelves upon shelves of hair products but still go to the store to buy more?

Do you use something once and then put it down and go buy a new hair product before you even finish the jar for the other one?

Do you have income set aside JUST for hair products that's $60 bucks or more?

Do you constantly ask about new products to use in your hair even though you aren't even finished with the ones in your closet?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, YOU MY FRIEND suffer from Product Junkieism!

But there is help. I myself am i a former product pusher who had to ween myself off of buying everything when i step foot in the store. I would stand on an isle for hours upon hours upon hours on end reading labels and buying products even though i already had tons in my closet that i hadn't even scratched the surface off. Nowadays if i do go crazy in a store, i'm stocking up on my staples.

  1. STOP FALLING FOR EVERY SINGLE LITTLE WHIM THAT YOU GET ABOUT A NEW PRODUCT BEING THE "BEST THING" SINCE SLICED BREAD! It may actually be good , on somebody else's hair. So now you have spent your money on a product that doesn't even work well in your hair and you could have used that money for something else.
  2. STOP LYING TO YOURSELF AND TELLING YOURSELF THAT YOU NEED MORE AND YOU HAVE 5 BOTTLES AT HOME! No body in the world needs that much gel, conditioner, shampoo, whatever the hell else you buying. And at that it's not even the same conditioner! I could see if it was on sale and your getting it while it's cheap, cool. But if you can't even see the walls of your closet, get out of denial, don't buy anymore, and CONTROL YOURSELF!
  3. Make a promise  to yourself that you are only going to buy something new once you run out of 1 product. If you have millions of products, promise yourself that you are only going to buy something new if you run out of 2 or 3 of your bottles of products.
  4. IF YOU HAVE FOUND WHAT WORKS FOR YOUR HAIR STOP  LOOKING TO FIX SOMETHING THAT'S NOT BROKEN! If your deep conditioner works fine, USE IT. If your conditioner works fine,USE IT. If your moisturizer works fine, USE IT. Stop looking for something better when you have already found what works. This way you can truly see if the product works well in your hair as well as save money. Give it a chance before you go cheating on it sheesh...
  5. AND FINALLY STOP LOOKING FOR A PRODUCT THAT WILL TURN YOUR 4B HAIR INTO 3C. ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN!  I find that alot of the product junkie's , when i was one myself included, have not accepted the fact that their hair will never look like the next person's hair. Mwezdi's hair will never look like Empressri's hair. But each head of hair is beautiful in its on way. I would kill for either one of these women's hair but you, the PJ, have got to stop comparing apples with oranges. It just doesn't work. Every style doesn't look good on every natural just like every product doesn't work the same on every natural. It's just not how nature intended. So stop trying to alter your hair texture thinking "if i could just find that one product". If you hair doesn't have a curl pattern it doesnt have a curl. pattern! Nothing is wrong with that, you just have to find styles that work with your hair.
Now that you have your steps, change your mentality, put yourself in rehab, and SAVE MONEY!!!!
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