Described affectionately by some as “pure energy” a banana has long been one of the most enjoyable fruits on the planet. Available in abundance today rather than being an exotic treat less than a century ago, the banana is one of the best sources of nutrition that our skin can get. It improves skin condition, skin quality and your general well-being – but it can also play a big part in improving your hair and your nails as well (If you want to have healthy nails visit Clear Nails Plus Reviews. If you are somebody who bits their nails or finds that they shed more hair than the family dog, then you might want to look into adding more bananas to your diet for some of the reasons below;
  1. Bananas are loaded with thins like potassium, zinc, iron and manganese. This helps keep your body in good shape and gives it the little extras that it needs to stay in quality working order!
  2. Additionally, if you are looking to use bananas for growing hair skin and nails you will be pleased to know it’s full of vitamins A,B,C & E. This means that your skin, nails and hair will be getting some of the most important “juice” they need to operate cleanly and effectively in the future
  3. Your body will benefit from the potassium in your body even more so because potassium helps to fight back against blood pressure problems. This will regulate your blood pressure quite effectively indeed, giving you a far more comfortable lifestyle in general
  4. Bananas will help to clear up skin problems that you may be suffering from, and the additional positive ingredients will help combat things like infections, cuts and spots all across your skin making you look healthier as well as feel better
  5. Your body will become far more regulated with regular banana eating – it helps to regular things like renal health, bowel movements and even helping you regulate your fluids better. This means that you will feel better, and when you feel better it’s going to make a big difference to your skin, your hair and your nails over time
  6. Your skin can be further helped by the fact it can fight back against allergies due to the benign amino acids. This means that any breakouts on your skin from allergies can easily be cleared up. Find the best information about nails at
The rich collection of vitamins and nutrients make bananas perfect for strengthening your hair, and ensuring that your skin & nails are in the best condition that they possibly can be - following askhealthnews for nails care - If your diet is a little lacking in the health side of things then one of the smartest things that you can do is add in bananas to your breakfast in the mornings.
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