One thing that a lot of people worry about where it concerns their hair are their edges. Some of us have really thin hairlines, and it can be a source of frustration and stress for those of us who put effort into making sure our hair is strong, healthy, and beautiful. So, is there any real hope for regrowing your edges, even if you have struggled with them for your entire life? You bet there is! If you all recall, I also had a post about how my mom was able to regrow her edges in 5 months!  SEE ALSO: How I Helped My Client Regrow Her Edges In 6 - 7 Months! First, let’s talk about some of the things that may be causing your edges to thin out, then we will go over 7 things you can do to help regrow your edges. Biologically, your thin edges may be purely a genetic thing. It could be a result of aging. It could be the result of a health issue such as a thyroid disorder, alopecia, or lupus. If you have had children recently, it could also be attributed to postpartum hair loss. It is possible that a scalp infection could be the culprit. However, for many people, the cause is high levels of stress on your hairline from wearing tight braids/ponytails or weaves/wigs and is counterproductive when trying to regrow your edges. SEE ALSO: How I Helped My Client Regrow Her Edges In 6 - 7 Months! You’ve probably found yourself relating to at least one of these underlying causes. Am I right? So now that you have an idea of why your edges are thin, let’s talk about what you can do to remedy it? 1. The first thing that you should do is to immediately stop doing anything that is adding tension to your hair. You want to regrow your edges right? This includes wearing tight braid/ponytails. I know that the natural tendency is to pull your hair as much as you can to make things nice and smooth, but the stress on your edges is not good! 2. Give your hair the chance to breathe! This means that you should ease up on the wigs and weaves sometimes. Yeah, I know…you love the versatility and ease, but I promise you that you won’t love when your edges continue to break off from all of the tension

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