[caption id="attachment_3214" align="alignright" width="220" caption="Jerseylicious"][/caption] If you watch the shows Jerseylicious or Jersey Shore,  the mention of animal print clothing/accessories may cause you to cringe. The animal print worn on those shows dance on the fine line between tasteful and tacky and mostly wind up spinning right onto the side of tacky. As an animal print lover myself (those are my pieces in the photo on the side), I know there is a wonderful world of tasteful animal print options on the opposite side of that tacky line. There are very chic dresses and sophisticated handbags that are python, cheetah, zebra or leopard print. The trick to wearing these prints is the same as any other bold pieces: its all about how you wear them. A lot of people make the mistake of overdoing it. They wear an animal print piece and pair it with other pieces that end up fighting for attention. The whole look then becomes overwhelming and loses any potential at being a good eye-catching look. They catch your eye because they're so "in your face". I wore animal print for Christmas last year; a cheetah print fur vest to be exact. Sounds like a lot of vest, right? Well, it was so I kept everything else pretty basic so that the vest can 1) stand out and 2) I would achieve the sophisticated look I was going for. I wore a lot of black: knee skirt, tights, long sleeve shirt, and booties. I also kept my jewelry fairly lowkey by wearing gold/bronze pieces that added just a little pop but didn't overpower my statement piece: my vest. I wore my leopard print Chinese Laundry pumps one night for a fashion show I was attending. This time, I paired my animal print with a bold red skirt, white tank, and a dark khaki blazer. My skirt popped more than my leopard print shoe but the print of my shoe added a little something extra without battling with my skirt.   I have put together about five looks that each feature animal print pieces to prove my point that these prints can be worn in many different ways without giving off that Jerseylicious or Jersey Shore borderline tacky vibe. Each look features one piece of animal print: whether its a shoe, dress, purse, jewelry, etc.   -Courtney For information about the looks/pieces featured email me at cocosfashion@ymail.com. Follow me on Twitter @CocosChaos and like my Facebook page by clicking here!
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