"April showers bring May flowers." Well if thats true, theres going to be a lot of flowers in bloom next month! We have been experiencing a lot of rain or the threat of it (sometimes Mr Weatherman gets it wrong) so far this Spring. One good thing about the rain: an excuse to wear my cute rainboots! Lol I have a tall black pair from Sarah Jessica Parker's Bitten line that I am borderline obsessed with. I also have a red/blue polka dot pair that got for $15 (50% off!!)  at Gap about a year ago.    Just because its gloomy outside doesnt mean your wardrobe has to be! There are so many fun & fashionable raingear options; Everything from rain boots, umbrellas, raincoats and trench coats.   [caption id="attachment_3070" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="This look includes a Michael Kors Jelly tote thats perfect for wet weather: water slides right off!"][/caption]                           Isn't that Umbrella Necklace the cutest little thing? There are plenty of plain rainboots out there (my black pair for example), but why not have a little fun during not so fun weather? Get a pair of animal print, polka dot, striped or logo print rainboots!     A trench/raincoat is perfect rainy day outerwear. Light enough if the temperature doesnt drastically drop but still offers enough warmth if it does. Also, rain water will slide right off!
[caption id="attachment_3066" align="aligncenter" width="224" caption="My Trench Coat: Got it for $6 at the Gap Outlet"][/caption]


There's the option to stay dry AND still look good? Sign me up!



For information about any of the looks/items featured or any other fashion related questions, email me at cocosfashion@ymail.com! Follow me on Twitter @CantResistCody and @CocosChaos
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