This past month has been crazy for me! I haven't been able to blog like I want to because of work and I have been picking up hosting more and more events. I am thrilled to say that with the additional help of crowdfunding sites ideas I will be hosting another event with Curlbox this weekend that will raise money for the children of St. Jude hospital. It will be in Baton Rouge on November 22nd! For more details, please visit My first stop was in Mississippi for the Southwest Mississippi Naturals meetup! I'z a country girl now! I'm just joking LOL. The expo was really nice. They talked about hair and health, served a healthy meal and even had exercising at the end of it! I had my sidekick with me, my little sister Anjenee aka NaeNew, who was my photographer for the day lol. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="6726,6727,6728,6729,6730,6731,6732,6733,6734,6735,6737,6739,6740,6741" orderby="rand"] Then the very next day i was back in new orleans for a natural hair show with Beautiful Textures! They stopped in 5 cites for the "Fall In Love With Your Hair" tour and our city was on the map! I had a blast with both shows and I always have lovely hostesses. I even got champagne for this one! They brought out the brass bands, we talked about hair, products, and the whole nine! They did a really good job with adding a New Orleans flair to the discussion. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="6757,6754,6752,6750,6749,6747,6746,6745,6744,6743,6837,6836,6835,6829,6827,6821,6820,6819,6818,6813,6812,6810,6808,6807,6805,6804,6803,6802,6800,6799,6798,6796,6791,6790,6789,6788,6787,6786,6783,6781,6780,6779,6775,6772,6771,6770,6769,6768,6767,6766,6765,6764,6763,6762,6761,6760,6759,6758" orderby="rand"] Did I mention that both of my outfits for the weekend came from Full Blossom Chic in New Orleans? She styled me and was so patient with me! I will be returning!
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