As I’m sitting here writing, I’m frustrated with my hair. I co-washed my hair earlier using Suave Humectant conditioner and then made a yogurt/egg/glycerin deep conditioner. I let it sit in my hair for about an hour with a plastic bag on my head.

My curls were poppin afterwards and I was very excited.   I decided that I would do finger coils in my hair and then do a coil out in the morning. I tried it last week and looveeddd it (I got the courage to do the style from ladies on Twitter).

 So anywho, I started them and figured I would make a video to show how I do them. Well, 2/5 done I realized they weren’t holding. It felt like it was 1:00am (it was actually 9:30) so I just gave up, rewet my hair and wrapped it/tied up.  

I’m literally sitting her blown. -_- <— just like that lol. I saw someone on YouTube brush and wrap their hair to stretch it out, but I’m sure it will look bad in the morning lol.  

At this point, here’s what I’m telling myself and others who are frustrated: BREATHE— At the end of the day, it’s just hair. Your hair doesn’t have to be perfectly in place.

That’s one of the fun things about being natural and for some, the ”carefreeness” is why they went natural.      

 a. RE-WET YOUR HAIR— Most times, rewetting my hair allows me to manipulate it better and start fresh when something’s gone wrong. The best thing may be to wear a wash-n-go until you have time to manipulate it again via twists, braids, coils, rollers, etc.    

  b. GRAB SOME PINS/ACCESSORIES— If all else fails and you don’t have time to wet your hair, throw a headband on, a scarf, a flower, a bow, etc.   Most times, you may think your hair looks terible and others will love it. People tell me all the time that no matter what my hair looks like, they’ll like it just because it’s natural. lol     That’s all :)  

Sincerely, Jameka Jones

 Co-Owner, Pretty Natural Divas

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