A friend of mine said she couldn’t go natural because her hair wasn’t curly like mine and I couldn’t help but laugh!  I explained to her that my hair has 5 coils that are defined and visible and that deep inside near the scalp are many coils but from the outside its really fuzzy.

She said “All you need is curl activator…”

Of course thats all I need, right?

I’m growing to believe that after only 5 days of getting to know my hair that it just isn’t the coily type.  But hey, you never know, maybe she knows something that I don’t.  I don’t really know anything about hair, especially mine.

I purchased Worlds of Curls Curl Activator For Extra Dry Hair in the 6oz tube (not the big tub shown).  I got this product from a local beauty supply store.  The size that I purchased cost $2.99.

My Review

I co washed my hair and then applied the product.  I really didn’t notice a difference at all.  My coils weren’t any more defined or any less defined.  The same 5 coils stood out from the pack and the fuzz was still rampant on my head. So for me and my hair, this particular activator did nothing.

A pro about this activator gel is that it doesn’t harden your hair, it keeps it soft.  It doesn’t make your hair feel dried out at all.  So it does moisturize as the bottle says, but as for activating curls….Nope.

The bottle does say, “FOR BEST RESULTS use the (Gel) curl activator and Our World of Curls Comb-Out Spray together”, so maybe that would have made the difference for me, but I doubt it.

Shall I keep looking for something to define my curls or shall I just accept my hair the way it is?

Wellllllll….. 3 months later something told me to try this product out again.  Why let it go to waste?

Why not try it again to see if the results will be different if used to set my twist out.  I mean, I can’t imagine my twist out coming out wrong, that’s impossible.

When I put the World of Curls on my hair it was really smooth.  As I two strand twisted each part of hair I noticed it had some serious slick and sheen.  That’s a fabulous combination.  The other products I use add some sheen, but never slick (except for that one time I used gel, but my scalp was an itchy mess!).

The next morning when I took my twists out I noticed my hair had a “damp” feel, but it wasn’t wet—it was dry.  I couldn’t believe how soft and silky my hair was!  I asked hubby to touch it and he was impressed as well.  He usually compliments me on the softness of my hair, but he agreed it was softer.

Did I mention the shine? Did I mention the curl definition?  OMG!  World of curls had my hair glowing. LOL I mean it had so much luster and the curls were pop pop POPPIN!

I totally recommend this product to add shine, softness, and great definition to an twists and twist outs!

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