I can't even begin to express how much fun I had at the meetup. I travelled SO far to get there. I didn't realize how far away North Aurora is from the city. Well whatever it was worth it! I took the Metra train from here, which was about an hour. After that I caught the bus from Union Station to the Green Line train. Then got of the green line train, i got on the bus again and i finally got there. The people in the area that i was in are so friendly. From the bus drivers, to the people on the bus, to the women standing in the line waiting to get into The Little Black Pearl. AND BABBBBYY WHEN I TELL YOU THE LINE WAS DOWN THE STREET! The pictures actually don't even show the extent of the line. It was so long i couldn't get a real good shot of it. I actually ended up standing in line for 2 hours just waiting to get in because i started at the back of the line. I had come entirely too far to talk about leaving... that wasn't gonna happen. I was getting in that door. If i had to run somebody over to get in... i was gettin in... But while i was standing in the line, i saw tons of women with beautiful heads of hair and had tons of wonderful conversations. I even did some shameless plugins for the blog... don't judge me. There were over 50 vendors at the show and i picked up a pair of earrings and a flower. I was so excited that i wanted to buy everything that i saw. Miss Jessie's was also giving out full size products in another room and the line for that was just as long as the one outside. Yea..... i wasnt standing in the line for that -__- It was a very nice atmosphere. It was almost like a family gathering except it was a bunch of naturals but it was very comfortable. All we needed out side was somebody selling food cuz man was i hungry standing in that line! A guy did come and sell us water though and i bought like 4 bottles from him. Tito and Miko were even nice enough to some outside and great everyone in the line. I mean all the way down the line. It got so packed that at one point they weren't letting anybody in until a number of people came out! [slideshow] Men were passing in cars and just staring LOL! It was hilarious because i know they were wondering where this glorious line of women came from. After we left the meetup, me and my sister went and frolicked around the city. We ended up eating at a place called Pizanno's who had THE GREATEST PIZZA I EVER TASTED IN MY LIFE! We also went on Michigan Ave where we found a bunch of stores and even took pics of all the beautiful scenery. We visited the Hershey store, Vicky Secret( which was big and beautiful), and a couple of other places. There was even a really huge statue of Marilyn Monoroe on that street. The WTF moment of the day came though when an asian lady walked up to us, after she had been staring for a good 15 mins, and proceeded to compliment then insult us. Random Asian Lady: "You 2 are absolutely beautiful" Me n Am: "Thank You!" Asian Lady:"But you need to workout" Me:O_O Yea... it happened -___-
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