I was scanning youtube the other day and came across this tutorial that used Kankelon hair to do a bun. This is a great style if your 1. Lazy…lol 2. Are trying to retain length or 3. Transitioning.

Well i thought maybe it would be nice if I tried something like that out. Yall it came out so nice. It looks just like my hair and you could never tell that it wasn’t.

For those who don’t know, Protective Styling is when you put your hair in a style that protects your ends and you have to do little to no manipulation on your hair. It basically keeps your hands out of your hair which gives your hair a chance to thrive and retain length better.

Too much manipulation ALL THE TIME can wreak havoc on your hair and your ends. Especially if your trying to grow your hair to a certain length, low manipulation protective styling is the way to go. I achieved this style by blowing my hair out with the blow dryer set on warm but on a high air blast.

The tutorial for adding the hair is at the bottom. Happy Hair Days :)


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