* This post is sponsored by Olay My life feels like it's completely on fast forward. Everyday it seems like my younger sisters are growing up super quick. One of them is almost out of college and the other one just made 23.   To celebrate, we threw a house party for her! I still cannot believe that she is growing up so fast! I haven't posted her as much as my baby sister ( who by the way is now 13) but she is my heart nonetheless. My older sister made her "cookie shots". That was completely new for me but they tasted amazing. I put makeup on for something as simple as staying in my house. My theory is when you look good you feel good, even if i’m not stepping foot out my house. Which brings me to my makeup look for the night This was before the application   I am loving the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye Swirl and Cream under all of my makeup. This is after Lately I've been having an issue with my concealer creasing under my eyes but the eye swirl cream has been helping me fix this issue. It's really been a lifesaver because I was struggling with correcting the color under my eyes. I promise I felt like I would spend most of my time taking off concealer and reapplying it. It’s like it never looked right but this cream is showing me a promising future! Here is a slight demo of how I use the Olay Regenerist Eye Swirl Once I finished battling with my dark circles, I broke out the ring light and me my sisters took pictures to celebrate the birthday girl! You can check them out below      "Get to know Michelle Jubelirer, COO of Captiol Music Group! She uses Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye Swirl to look and feel beautiful. I've partnered with Mode to put a spotlight on this phenomenal woman who is on of the music industry’s most influential executives!" Michelle Jubelirer’s Road to the Red Carpet from Mode Stories: Videos on Vimeo.
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