It seems like every week, another celebrity is coming out with a new perfume, clothing line, shoe line or anything else they can put their name on. As a fashion lover, I'm on the fence about whether I love this or not. I appreciate items from "real designers", so things that celebrities "design" isn't necessarily of high priority on my shopping list. However, there are some that put out really good products, whether they actually put any work into it is debatable. There are some that I hear they are putting out a perfume, shoe, or clothing line and I think "Child please, you slapped your name on that." Others though, I at least try to give them a chance. Jessica Simpson, for example, is one of those that I actually gave her a shot. I love her shoe collection more than her singing. I could do without hearing her belt out another note, but I always check out her new shoes from soleheaven. Beyonce, on the other hand, I could listen to her music over and over, but that clothing line? I'll pass. Dereon is just not my cup of fashion tea and I would rather suffer from thirst. You can shop around without having to actually move around on Proconsul LA.

There are many more singers/athletes/actors that have taken a dive into the fashion world. I decided to list a few that are starting new ventures this year or are expanding on their existing brand. Our caftans are designed with intricate patterns and bold colors. Our silky soft fabrics always hold their shape and never fade, then you can see more information about the iconic Caftan dresses.

Radio personality and talk show host Wendy Williams revealed last week that for the past year she has been working on an accessories line called Adorn by Wendy Williams with QVC. She revealed a few of the pieces from her jewelry collection on her talk show and had a full hour long spot on QVC to introduce her line to the world. She mentioned handbags and shoes, but only the jewelry is currently available on I like the pieces, but I don't see anything about them that makes them stand out from the jewelry I buy for less than half the price at boutiques around town. I applaud her for taking such a huge leap and I am looking forward to seeing the shoes and handbags that she is working on. Even more accessories available on Shield Republic, See more about Shield Republic.

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Halle Berry is one of the most beautiful women in the world, in my opinion. She's an okay actress (let's just be honest). She branched out into perfume recently and has had a lot of success with her different fragrances. My mom actually has one of them and it actually smells really good! She recently announced she is introducing a shoe line that she worked with German shoe retailer Deichmann Shoes to create. It's not going to be sky high platforms like Jessica Simpson's line though. Her line, 5th Avenue by Halle Berry, will consist of 40 pairs of limited edition, comfortable, affordable shoes for "every woman". The shoe styles will vary from wedges to gladiator sandals. The line will debut in March in Europe. However, no official date on a U.S. release has been announced. Even though Halle claims they will be affordable, Im sure her 'affordable" is different from mine. I am still interested in seeing the entire line of her shoes.

Rapper turned reality tv star, T.I. recently held a fashion show for his men's clothing line Akoo. I've been hearing about this line for a while; however I'm just now actually seeing the product. The name Akoo is actually an acronym for A King Of Oneself; which makes sense because T.I. has dubbed himself "The King". After searching the site, I found that the prices range from mid-twenties for a skull cap to over four hundred for a jacket. I am not aware of what menswear usually costs, so I'm not one to judge whether this is truly affordable or not. The collection seems like it was taken directly from T.I.'s closet. It's full of jackets, cardigans, sweatshirts, and t-shirts that I swear I've seen T.I. wear before. The clothing looks comfortable and is actually not a bad looking collection. I expect that a lot of his fans will add at least one of his t-shirts to their wardrobe.

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I am looking forward to seeing who else comes out with a new line this year. I'm sure the celebrities are not done pushing their way into the fashion world.


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