Oh don’t ya just love college life!! OMG if i could live in it forever, i would! ~sarcasm~ When your a college student, you read all these reviews on all these products and you don’t have a DIME to buy anything. Your so broke you shouldn’t even BE in school and when you get that refund check you know the last thing on your mind is buying hair products, until you get on a hair site that is…. Ladies, I feel your pain and I want to help. Life in school is stressful as it is, lets not add our hair to it. So is college the best time to go natural? In my opinion, yes it is. So far what I have found out about my early 20’s is that its a time to learn, Learn, LEARN! It is a time to soak up as much knowledge as possible to be able to be equipped mentally with the troubles of the “real world”. So as we learn our professions, we should also take this time that we have with no kids, no husband and no regular job or business to learn ourselves, hair included. No you don’t have tons of money to buy everything under the sun but there are things while you are in school to get a couple of dollars to buy just enough products to help you transition on a budget.
  • Get a work study job on campus because most of them only require 20 hours a week.
  • Do online work at sites such as digital points forums. Google it. :)
  • Lurk around on craigslist to find some telecommuting jobs or some writing jobs
  • Start a blog and monetize it to make some revenue
  • Sell your books at school
  • Offer some kind of service at your college to your fellow students and post it around on bulletin boards
  • Know how to braid hair? Start braiding hair and charging for it!
Those are just somethings that i can think of know but hey nothing beats a failure but a try.
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