I have always wondered about these online casinos. I remember my first time going to a casino a man did i freak out! I lost like $8 bucks and vowed I would never step in another casino again. I completely lied. The next time I went back, i won 30 bucks. You would have thought that i hit the jackpot in that casino the way i was acting. I cashed out so fast it wasn't even funny lol. Which all of this brings me to my next point. I was really bored one day and there really wasnt much for me to do. I was just browsing the internet and then the thought hit me to check out some online casinos. Good thing I have a friend recommended two legit, one  is one of the famous online casino is joker123  and another one is  casino and slots website that offers free to play.  Now I don't know about yall but the thought of losing money is never a nice idea. But then it dawned on me. What if i don't lose the money? What if i actually win? I mean winning these type of things are in my blood after a while. My grandfather is an avid casino visitor so why not me? Well i ran into this site called Foxy Bingo  The site is so inviting. I saw it and immediately was like ooohhh i have to try it.  Not to mention that they give you your first deposit either. Like i said, this is something new for me and you all should try it out as well. Look at it this way, gas is 3.59 and it doesn't look like its going down anytime soon. What would you rather do? Drive to the casino or sit down at home and play? Im just saying
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