Everybody handles their relationship differently. Some prefer to be monogamous while some feel like if there is no ring on it, then you can't say your "taken". Until that ring is on, I'm free to do whatever I like. With that being said, my lovely S/O pitched the idea that we should just try an open relationship and i was HIGHLY opposed to it. He's so beautiful isn't he?   But we are slowly growing apart. He doesn't want to leave me but he decided that we should try this whole "open relationship" thing. At first I was like, Nah I'm so good I'm not sharing.. but then... I was out one day and this thang walked up on me with no warning   So i told the old man we may have to revisit this idea of an open relationship. I think I can flow with this. I can have THAT cake and his too? I'm down My old man isn't exactly a "bad boy". He's the good guy, he's the guy you marry but see Jax .... Jax is the guy you get in trouble with.. I was getting robbed by gun point and he saved me   I initially  questioned why he just happened to have a gun on him but he looked so damn good using it, why should I care? After that me and Jax started spending more and more time together and everything was going good ...until i came home one day and clearly bae had been in the gym. He walked in the house like: I IMMEDIATELY decided this open relationship thing would no longer work because that's mine! I don't want to share him! Lance was so happy to hear this because he said he was making the biggest mistake of his life by suggesting to share me. So now I had to tell Jax this...   Ok, let me just look at you for a second... just stand there..... ....... ....... ........ Ok, me and Lance are happy now and we decided we no longer want to be do this open relationship thing. I'm so sorry Jax was so hurt . He just cried and I stayed with him till the next day I kept that picture of him...shirtless...just like that... I look at it often... Like....often..often But at the end of the day, Lance won out My bae taking a selfie    

This post was inspired by Danielle of Ok,Dani.com 

Yall make sure yall check her page out and follow her on facebook!

So who are you in an open relationship with? Who's the hubs and who's the side piece?

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