JJ Marie asks how do i soften my ends. i have the little dry balls on my ends StrawberriCurls Answer: It sounds to me like you have SSKs(Single Strand Knots) . This happens when your hair curls back on itself resulting in the feeling of little dry balls. To combat this, make it a practice to wash your hair in braids and if you are doing wash n go's often, try another style for awhile. Keep your ends moisturized and sealed and you will see a drastic improvement Lacheryl Nicholes asks How can I fix my curl pattern, one part is super curly an the other is stretched out curls???? An what are good products for type 4a/b hair?? StrawberriCurls Answer: From your description, it sounds like you have heat damage. Heat damage isn't reversible. All you can do at this point is either cut it off or grow it out. Incorporate protein treatments into your regimen to strengthen your hair.As far as what products to use on a particular hair type, that doesn't exist. lol. I say this because even though you may have the same hair type as someone, doesn't mean the same products will work for you. Porosity, elasticity, and various other factors play a role in what will work for your hair.
@uptownlala asks via twitter : What's the best way to keep natural hair soft and manageable?StrawberriCurls answer: Manageability of the hair soley depends on how well you care for it. Our hair needs moisture and is very adamant about that lol. Find a regimen and stick to it. You find a product you like, stick with it. Care for it weekly and deal with your hair in 4 sections instead of trying to do it all at once. I promise you softness and manageability will come
Jackie Thomas-Wright asks Yes, I'm confused, so plz help!!! I'm transitioning, I've been wearing my hair in braids. I just took my braids out. I am going to wash, condition and possibly a hot oil treatment. I've heard great things about coconut oil and I want to use tht too. So my question is, after I do all the above should I wet my hair again then add the coconut oil? I was going to try the 2 strand twist comb out and wear my hair like that for a week and then get my braids put back in. Thanks in advance for all answers
Strawberricurls Answer: No hun you dont have to wet your hair again, all you have to do is put the coconut oil on top of your wet hair and let it air dry. The coconut oil will seal the water in and allow it to stay moisturized.  WATER, ITSELF, is a moisturizer! You can also steam your hair and then seal in the moisture with an oil or a butter to allow it to stay moisturized! Hoped this helped! 
Ashley Browder asks Suggestions for winter moisturizing? Wet hair equals a cold in the winter time.
Strawberricurls Answer: You should make it a practice to set your hair at night in the winter. This should rid you of wet hair in the winter time especially if you arent a fan of using heat on it.Shea butter is an excellent sealant in the winter time because its much heavier than oil and allows for your moisturizer to be effective in your hair much longer. It is also great for combating winter dryness because its ability to seal moisture in for a much longer time period.
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