Hi all! So i decided to straighten the kids hair the other day because she had a party at school. She was so excited because this was her first time having her hair straightened as she says “like mine”. lol

Anyway i clarified her hair and deep conditioned it. Then I used my Aphogee Pro-Vitamin Leave-in conditioner and Chi Silk Infusion and blow dryed with my comb attachment (which by the way needs to be replaced because we are murdering it.)

Once i was done, i flat ironed it and set it on rods. I didnt really worry about the curls being small because i was going for the big curl look anyway. BTW, that flat iron job took waaayyyy longer than i anticipated and she didnt make it any better because whenever i start doing her hair, she gets “tired” ~rolls-eyes~.

Anyway, the next morning before she went to school, I took them down and her hair came out G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!

As i was doing her hair, i was just WISHING that i had some holding spray. I KNEW i needed holding spray cuz guess what ……………………………………………….once she went to school, the humidity rose and it rained and she went outside during recess and played and i came to pick her up from school and this is what i was greeted with

When i tell yall my mouth hit the floor…… i could not believe what i saw. Now am i saying holding spray would have prevented this catastrophe? Not by a long shot. But what i am saying is it probably wouldnt have been THIS bad. But i digress, from one style to the next, it was still kinda cute on her. I love her hair

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