My last post, 5 Reasons You Should Date A Woman With Natural Hair, seem to be a fan favorite. You ladies make doing this job so much fun! So I decided to go ahead and give the fellas even more of a reason to stick with the natural girl they have. And if you don't have a natural girl.. man oh man are you missing out fellas! 1. We smell like desserts, cakes, pies and berries.  We use ALL the best stuff in our hair. Whenever I use my Oyin Burnt Sugar Pomade, I have to beat the men away with a stick! They sniff and track me down and proceed to tell me I smell "WONDERFUL". "Did you just leave a bakery?" "Is that your hair smelling that good?" The only thing that don't do is ask me to cut a piece of it out to take home with them -___- Have yall ever seen Love Potion #No 9? It's equivalent to that reaction. 2. Your future daughter will have more self- confidence. Have you ever heard the saying, "Don't marry a woman that you wouldn't want your daughter to be like?" Well that is really true. As we deal with our hair, the more we learn about it, the more we realize that we have something very unique. It's something to be very proud of and when a mother with a high level of self - confidence raises her daughter, it's bound to rub off on her too :) 3. We know how to help your hair grow I find that men are very VERY sensitive about balding. What if you had a woman that could  help you reverse balding for you by teaching you how to properly care for your hair? I have seen where some of you fellas resort to weaves. YES YALL DO IT TO! Because we read and do mounds and mounds of research on our hair, your hair will flourish with ours! 4. We keep you guessing One day we may have twists, the next day it's an updo, and the next day it maybe a full on fro! We are like several women packed into one LOL! Our hair is that versatile so you will never get bored :) 5. You will fall in love all over again when she straightens it. Have you ever seen a natural girl go from curly to straight?! It's like WOAH! Now don't get us wrong fellas we LOVE our curls but when we wear it straight, you will think Jessica Rabbit just walked in the room!

Anymore reasons ladies? Let me know in the comment section below!

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