I asked some of my twitter followers and my facebook followers do they really get charged extra at salons for having natural hair?

I don’t go to salons. I am a DIYer so i wouldn’t know about that. I was shocked to find out that this is true! I think its unfair. Readers weigh in. Do you think this is a fair practice? Why or why not?

BTW here were some of the responses

CurlyheadedPJ: @StrawberriCurls Well, it’s more work to flat iron #naturalhair than relaxed hair…so often, yes, they do charge more.

LovNme_R3 :@StrawberriCurls yes!!!! all the time!!! and then by the thickness and/or texture of ur #naturalhair… :( that why im all for #diy

Miesha: Yes, it seems like “natural” stylists feel as though it is more work. It really irks me.

Dominique: Yes, they charge at least $20-30 more. It makes me not want to go to a salon. Most of the times I can achieve the same,if not better results at home….for free! If you’re going to charge more then impress me.

Chasidy: Yes my Goddaughter went to the Dominicans and they charged her extra…

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