What is your name and your profession?
Chandra Meadows /Freelance writer/ Blogger
How long have you been growing out your dreadlocks?
5 years Who is your loctician? Me
What is your regimen for your dreadlocks?
I have color in my hair so keeping my dreadlocks moisturized  is very important. I LOVE Taliah Waajid's Black Earth Product line so most of my products come from there. I usually use a spray bottle and spray water on my hair in between washes as well. I feel it rejuvenates my dreadlocks. Otherwise, I dont do much to it .
Do you have a favorite style for you dreadlocks?
Although I don't do it often, I love to put bantu knots in my hair and then take them down to produce curls.
<!––nextpage––> Have your dreadlocks ever hindered you professionally?
Hmm, good question. I usually go after "creative" jobs (jobs where individuality is welcomed) especially since I am a writer, so my hair is usually embraced and always a conversation starter. So, I'm not really sure how corporate would respond to my crown.  [gallery type="rectangular" ids="5765,5764,5763,5762" orderby="rand"]
How do you feel about the natural hair movement taking place amongst African American women?
I LOVE , LOVE, LOVE it!! I think its such a beautiful thing to see African American women embrace their natural roots. I don't think we aren't really taught to love ourselves as is, unaltered. America tends to wash out black beauty and put a European spin on it, so I love that so many women are waking up from that and getting back to the essence of black beauty.
Any advice to someone just starting out on their dreadlocks journey?
Going back to your natural hair is more than a hairstyle change (even if you only see it as such), but it symbolizes something deeper whether you realize it or not, you are embracing you and that's a beautiful thing. Enjoy your journey because there will be ups AND downs  but once that transition is over, you will look back and feel a sense of empowerment. Find the right hair care products for you and have fun with various hairstyles!!  Just rock your natural hair and own it! 
Where else can we find you on the net?
You can find me on Twitter : @TheSoNatural and on Instagram: TheRealSonatural 
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