What is your name and profession? My name is Matthew Hicks and I'm currently in school at Hudson Valley CC in Troy, NY

How long have you been growing out your dreadlocks ? 7 years

Who is your loctition? I don't have one, I've been doing my hair myself for about 5 years...

What is your regimen for your dreadlocks ? Products , upkeep, ect I usually use the Mango and Lime Grease or Gel. I switch up from time to time between the two and I usually get them done every other week or every 2 weeks. Also from time to time I would use the Mango and Lime Spray to keep my scalp moist and it makes it grow faster and makes your dreads smell really good.

What is your favorite style for your dreadlocks ? Well I usually like when they're braided back. The style doesn't matter. My favorite is when I take them out the braids and they're all wavy and crinkly. I think it looks pretty cool

Have your dreadlocks ever hindered you professionally? I would say yes in most cases it kept me from getting a few jobs also I got kick off the football team in a Catholic School in Arkansas because I wouldn't cut my dreads. I wasn't upset from those situations because I know I keep my dreads nice and neat, I just had to stay positive and move on

How do you feel about the natural hair movement taking place amongst African American women? I love the natural hair movement going on, I think it should have been done sooner, but I think African-American women are more confident with their natural looks. A few years back most of them wanted to get a perm and have their hair nice and long going down their backs and that's cool and everything  but I know a few guys ,especially me, that love the natural look. Whether she has dreads, her fro puffed out or even a low fade or haircut they'll be beautiful regardless, you just have rock it with confidence. I also feel like the media now a days are playing a big role in it as well, they're showing more women with natural hair in magazines and on TV which is great

Any advice to someone just starting out on their journey? Yes you have to be patient, because the first couple of months or in some cases even a year you'll have the ugly stages of having dreads, its gonna be real short and not so appealing, but be proud that you have them and learn to appreciate the journey of growing your hair longer and taking care of them.

Where else can we find you on the net?
You can follow me on Twitter and IG, both @_Massaih_
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