Ever heard the phrase "Just because it comes in your size, doesn’t mean you can wear it"? Well, it’s the truth. Just because it’s your size, doesn’t mean it will fit your shape. A size 6 in a pencil skirt will not look the same on your body as a size 6 full skirt. Many women make the mistake of wearing something that comes in their size but doesn't flatter their shape. Well, this post will be my attempt to help prevent that mistake in the future. If I reach one woman that’s wearing ill-fitting clothing and help her to start shopping for her shape/body type, then this post will have been a success! I took the time to do some research on this topic and I have narrowed the massive amount of information down to a few bits of advice. I’ll also include the link to a test to determine your body shape which will help you know the types of clothing you should wear or the areas of your body you should accentuate. You can pick the wright dress for you from the huge online selection of Sherri Hill prom dresses. Also, I’ll include the links to different sites that shared even more information on dressing for your shape! Here are a few nuggets of info: -If you have a large bust, you should go for tops that don’t have spaghetti or thin straps. You need tops that will give your bust support or allow for you to wear a bra that will give you adequate support, make sure how to measure your bra size to buy the right one. Wear tops with v- or square necklines if you want to show off the girls, and if you need a dress for coming, you should check the 2019 Plus Size Homecoming Dresses & Gowns here! -If you have a flat backside, wear jeans that have pockets on the back. The pockets can give the illusion of a slightly larger derriere. -If you have an hour glass shape (curvy all over), wear jackets that have one button undwerneath your breasts and tucked in tops to accentuate your upper curves and pencil skirts to accentuate the bottom. Avoid adding bulk anywhere. -If you have wide hips draw the eye up with accessories and avoid having details at the hip (buttons, jacket hemlines, etc.). Avoid tucking in your tops. -If you have a more square shape (no curves), then flared jeans and cap sleeve tops are the best way to add some proportion to your otherwise straight figure. Also, wraparound dresses and horizontal patterns add some dimensions and slight curves to your figure. You can check out if you like one of these designer dress rental and go show off your beautiful shape. --If you are full bodied, monochromatic colors and maxi length pieces are great to keep some balance in your figure instead of drawing focus to wider areas. For information on getting started with DIY screen printing your clothing visit Holden supply. -If you are not a fan of your midsection, wear tops that are loose and that flow away from your body like kaftans or a loose tunic with dolman sleeves. -If you are larger on your top half but start to slim as you move down, wear fuller skirts that will avoid drawing attention to your disproportioned features. Links: http://www.yourgorgeous.co.uk/style/fashion-style/ http://www.sofeminine.co.uk/mag/fashion/d3486/x19736.html http://main.stylelist.com/2008/03/03/find-out-how-to-flatter-your-figure/ My personal advice, try your clothes on before you buy them or wear them out! If you struggle to pull the pants up over your hips, your bust is falling out of the top, the jeans are creating a muffin top effect, or the skirt makes you look wider….TAKE IT OFF! Remember the FIT in outfit. Your clothes should fit and flatter your shape.   Take a look at those links, re-read the tips from above, and adjust your wardrobe accordingly! Let’s all wear clothes that will make us feel confident, comfortable, and sexy!   -Courtney
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