Don’t let cold temperatures disrupt your hair regimen for curl elongation, definition, protection, hydration and healthy hair growth.  Trends may change with each season; but the biggest hair challenges of dryness, length retention and frizziness do not hibernate during the winter.
“Caring for your hair in the winter is even more critical for maintaining length and health,” explains J.D. Richards, international natural hair educator for Entwine Couture, owner ofExpozure Natural Hair Salon & Training Institute in Chattanooga, TN, and author of In Touch With Texture:A Guide to Educate African American Females to Love their Natural Hair.
“With each bend and curve in naturally kinky, curly & wavy hair that represents a weak point that if not properly hydrated and protected can be zapped by the drying effects of winter’s wind, snow and frigid temperatures,” continued Richards.
Also you should wear Thermals for this winter, to avoid getting too cold.
Richards provides highly textured hair care tips for maintaining the moisture needed to prevent cold outdoor air and dry indoor heat from wreaking havoc on your curls.  No matter what the drop in temperature brings, the Entwine Couture educator’s winter regimen can be followed weekly or bi-weekly for the ultimate hydration against these top 3 winter hair care woes.
Wintry Woe #1: Over processed and/or frizzy hair causing coils to interlock together.
Curly tresses need extra care to protect inner layers from environmental elements that can cause dry, damaged hair.  Avoid shampoos with harsh ingredients that can dry out tresses. Select a shampoo with a moisturizing base, besides water, as the first few ingredients on the label.  Avoid using shampoos with mineral oils, petroleum, harsh detergents, sulfates & parabens.   A sulfate liberated shampoo like Entwine’s {Act One} Cleansing + Growth Lathering Hair Bathe’ will gently remove dirt, oil and build up on the hair and scalp, then follow up with {Act Two} Hydrating + Growth Creme Hair Rinse to strengthen and moisturize hair.  Use heavier butter and cremes in the winter months to smooth the hair cuticle.  The {Indulgently Luxe’} Exotique Butter Creme Hydrator is an essential butter creme with Illipe, Shea, & Mango Seed Oils infused with natural oils like Pomegranate, Wheat Germ & Palm Fruit Oils to keep natural hair soft and pliable, even in the coldest weather. It’s also ideal to use when preparing your natural tresses before styling.
Wintry Woe #2: Dry brittle hair that appears aged and unkempt.
The colder your climate and tighter your curl pattern, the more you need to deep condition.  The curl pattern of the hair can create spots where the cuticle is lifted slightly more when compared to the cuticle on the rest of the hair fiber, leaving the hair weaker and rough.Deep conditioning minimizes dryness to give curly hair the moisture needed to help prevent splitting and breakage.
While the frequency of applying deep conditioning treatments depends on hair texture and curl pattern, steamconditioning your hair with a deep penetrating mask; like the {Exotica} Deep + Penetrating Moisture Masque, coats and penetrates the hair from the inside out with Tucuma Butter and Passion Fruit Oil for ultra hydration. Lock in moisture with a leave-in conditioner, like {Afrodisia 9} Exotique Leave-In Potion.  It will provide great slip, while keeping hair moisturized. This will make styling easier and keep the hair protected & soft.  For styling in the winter months, it’s best to use a cream based styler, like {The Manipulator} Creme Jelle Styler. It will give you great curl definition and elongation without leaving the hair hard or crunchy.
Wintry Woe #3 – Loss of hair elasticity can lead to breakage.
Healthy hair has a high level of elasticity; which gives it body, bounce and curl formation.  Soften hair and increase elasticity with a good moisturizer, like the {Indulgently Luxe} Exotique Butter Crème Hydrator, that will hydrate and nourish the hair deeply within the hair shaft to prevent shedding and breakage. Water-based products are necessary part of locking in moisture. Any100% plant oil-based products without water, such as the {Total Perfection} 100% Raw & Vegan Argan Oil, is applied prior to the crème as a sealant to help maintain moisture until the next wash day.
Go to for more information on products that can be used to winterize your hair care regimen.
Emerge into the Naturalle-Couture...Entwine Couture Beauty, LIMITED is a 100% African American owned developer, marketer and distributor of haute-couture hair care & styling  products for natural hair fashionista.  Entwine Couture is committed to providing education, information, support and obtainable-luxury products for women of African and Multi-Ethnic descent with kinky-curly hair textures.  As a lifestyle-beauty brand, EntwineCouture takes the beauty of natural hair beyond the mundane limits of everyday life to the fierce, fabulous & fly “Naturalle-Couture” making the luxury life more accessible to the everyday woman.
100% salon-proven & 30-day money-back guaranteed to provide:
    • Curl elongation
    • Definition
    • Protection
    • Hydration
  • Healthy hair growth
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