It's May and that means the beginning of graduation season! The sound of Pomp and Circumstance can be heard coming from auditoriums and arenas all over. It's an exciting time for many students that are finishing up their studies at many different levels of education. I'm celebrating my own graduation this month (18th) from LSU! *pats self on back* It's a big day for us graduates and our family/friends.

Big day = Excuse to shop for Special Outfit!!

I've had my graduation dress/shoes for a couple months now. I've moved on to helping my mom and sister get their looks together! I know not everyone is like me and plans looks for big events weeks/months in advance. Some of you are still trying to decide what to wear. Well, here's my graduation gift to you: a few looks to inspire you! Thank me later. I even included a couple looks that are mostly black or white, just in case you're required to wear one of those colors for your ceremony. And if you aren't graduating, but have some ceremonies to attend, there are a few looks for you as well.         And one to show a little LSU pride... Congrats and Good Luck to all the graduates and a special salute to all of the family/friends that supported them on their journey! And Congrats to my fellow LSU graduates, especially my fellow Fashion Design/Merchandising graduates! -Courtney  
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